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We know how stressful legal disputes can be, so we work closely with you to understand what you are are going through. We ease the process, providing guidance and support to take away your worries. Our mediation experts spend as much time as needed to help you understand your choices and the consequences. We remove legal jargon and lead you toward the best outcome for your situation in as little time and with as little money as possible.

The staff at Shapiro Mediation cares for and respects our clients, and want to make the mediation process easy and quick. We provide consistent clear communication, upfront simple billing, and are an indispensable legal resource. Let us help you resolve your business, civil, employment, and family legal disputes.

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Mediation Types

Litigation should only serve as the last resort for many clients. Mediation offers a faster, more convenient, and more beneficial approach to conflict resolution and is used in many areas to help settle disputes.

Mediation is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – one which many cases use to avoid going to trial. Working with a neutral third-party allows parties in dispute to reach an amicable compromise based on confidential negotiations rather than going through the court system.

Because of the requirement for confidentiality in the mediation process, this is a conflict resolution method which lends itself to openness, honesty and a greater sense of understanding of the stance of all parties involved. Additionally, the non-combative and non-confrontational nature of mediation often leads to faster results for those who seek this method, which saves them significant time and money.

Shapiro Mediation specializes in the following types of claims:


From charges of wrongful termination or allegations of discrimination to non-compete and non-disclosure disputes, we have years of dispute resolution experience and are adept in managing the legal and emotional aspects of sensitive employment matters.

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Shapiro Mediation provides services in all family law matters, ranging from simple to complex. Family law disputes are often challenging and stressful. We have extensive experience with various family law, including but not limited to divorce, child custody matters, and child and spousal support cases.

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Business mediation presents an opportunity to solve corporate problems and avoid lengthy and costly litigation. We provide mediation services to clients in a wide range of business disputes, including breach of contract, business tort disputes, and partner and shareholder disputes.

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Civil mediation is more complicated than simply negotiating. It demands talented, empathic, and experienced mediators who know how to find mutually beneficial resolutions. It demands Shapiro Mediation. From real estate and bankruptcy to contract disputes to litigation and all that comes along with it – we are here to help.

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