3 Reasons a Massachusetts Mediation Attorney is More Important Than Ever Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone. Here are 3 reasons why a Massachusetts mediation attorney is important for you due to COVID-19.

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3 Reasons a Massachusetts Mediation Attorney is More Important Than Ever Due to Coronavirus

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on individuals and businesses alike. You may be facing financial challenges due to job loss, reduced pay, or reduced work hours. On the personal front, you may be going through challenges in your marriage and seeking a divorce or facing other family law issues. If you have a business, you may be embroiled in a commercial dispute due to a breach of contract, employer-employee conflicts, or unpaid debts. In all these situations, litigation can be the path to financial ruin, particularly in the prevailing economic and physical constraints unleashed by the coronavirus. Your best bet may be to work with a trusted and reputable Massachusetts mediation attorney to achieve your goals.

Courts are Overworked after the Lockdowns

The courts in Massachusetts did not take up most civil matters while the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were in place. Clearly, now as the restrictions are gradually phased out, the courts face a backlog of cases. The potential for delays in obtaining a satisfactory resolution through litigation is higher than ever before in the current circumstances.

If you wish to avoid going through the prolonged emotional, physical and financial challenges that litigation might impose, it makes sense to hire the services of a mediation attorney in Massachusetts and explore the possibility of a quick and efficient out of court settlement for your dispute.

Benefits of Mediation

In addition to a faster resolution of your dispute, here are some other compelling benefits which you will have when you choose the alternative of mediation for dispute resolution:

  • You will have full control over the mediation proceedings, will directly participate in the negotiations, and will have the right to agree or disagree with any proposed settlement of your dispute. On the other hand, if you go to court, a third party (the judge) will decide the matters on your behalf, and you will have no control over their final decision.
  • Unlike litigation, mediation is a non-adversarial process, and it gives you an opportunity to preserve a relationship. It could be a co-parenting relationship for the sake of your child, or a customer-supplier or employer-employee relationship. Mediation often manages to preserve relationships and both parties can move on and respectfully work with each other once again in the future.
  • Other advantages of mediation include relatively lower costs, reduced mental stress, privacy and confidentiality of the proceedings (without attracting adverse publicity), and higher predictability of the final outcomes. With a proven and dependable Massachusetts mediation lawyer on your side, you can achieve a win-win resolution through this non-adversarial process.

Remote Mediation is a Possibility

Unlike most types of litigation, the mediation process can be accomplished virtually whenever the situation demands. If a lockdown occurs, the resolution of your dispute does not have to get delayed.

You and the other party do not have to travel (if someone is out of town), and the proceedings can be conducted smoothly while you sit in the privacy of your home or office. Choose an experienced mediation lawyer who is equipped to facilitate remote mediation if needed during coronavirus pandemic or beyond.

Avoid the Stress of Litigation and Choose Mediation

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