5 Signs Divorce Mediation Can Work As Opposed to Divorce Litigation

Find out the five reasons why divorce mediation in Massachusetts is the preferred way to resolve all or most of the contentious issues in a divorce!

divorce mediation in Massachusetts

5 Signs Divorce Mediation Can Work As Opposed to Divorce Litigation

Divorce mediation in Massachusetts is the preferred way to resolve all or most of the contentious issues in a divorce. Although not every divorce case may be fit for resolution through mediation, most cases are. The key is to choose a divorce mediator in Massachusetts who has a proven track record and years of experience in this field.

Here are a few signs that divorce mediation can work better for you rather than divorce litigation:

You are Willing to Accept A “Win-Win” Solution

The goal of divorce mediation is to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the divorce agreement in the end. If you are amenable to the idea that the other party is also going to be okay, and you are willing to be considerate to his or her point of view – you could obtain the most satisfactory outcomes through divorce mediation.

However, if one of the parties is stuck with the notion that their version of events is the only right version, it could get harder to resolve all issues in a divorce through mediation.

There has been no Domestic Violence During Marriage

If your marital relationship, however rocky it may have been, did not go through domestic violence or abuse, it is a positive sign that divorce mediation can work for you.

On the other hand, if your former spouse was violent or abusive in marriage, chances are that he or she is going to lack empathy and may completely fail to accommodate your perspective during negotiations.

A history of infidelity can also make it hard to work out a resolution through mediation, but it is not impossible. However, in that case, you have to be okay with the idea of the other party being okay (a win-win outcome).

You want the Divorce Proceedings to Conclude Quickly

Divorce mediation is usually speedier than divorce litigation. Time could be a critical element in your divorce, particularly if you have kids, and you want to cut down the stress and move on with your new life as soon as possible.

With guidance and support from an experienced divorce mediation attorney in Massachusetts, you can possibly resolve all contentious issues in your divorce in a matter of days, or even hours in some cases.

You are Focused on Protecting Your Interests, not on Hurting the Other Party

If one of the parties in divorce mediation seems to be singularly driven by a motive of making the other person’s life worse, the mediation may not produce a favorable outcome. If you believe that your ex-spouse is thirsting for emotional revenge or is a narcissist in some ways, you may not achieve your goals through divorce mediation in Massachusetts.

You Don’t Wish to Burn all Your Savings on Litigation

Outcomes through courtroom litigation in divorce cases rarely make anyone happy. In the end, both parties feel they could have saved themselves a lot of hassle and costs and even obtain a better solution through mediation.

If preserving your savings for your future is one of your motivations, mediation could be a more affordable option for your Massachusetts divorce.

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