Advice for Parents During Their First Child Custody Mediation

child custody mediation tips

Advice for Parents During Their First Child Custody Mediation

If you have recently looked up information on how to win child custody mediation, you are probably looking for genuine advice on how to get through the mediation process. It is ideal for the parents of children to attend mediation sessions to attempt to resolve child custody conflicts and disagreements. 

When a former couple attempts to come to an agreement on child custody outside of the courtroom, they can often reach an outcome that is more favorable. When the former couple cannot come to an agreement, the judge gets to have the final say. If you are getting ready to attend child custody mediation, Shapiro Mediation Services is here to give you some of the best advice on how to win child custody mediation.

Think About What is Best for the Child

Divorce is hard on the children, but it is also hard for the parents that were together for a while before deciding that the marriage was no longer working. No matter what feelings you might have for your ex, you must think about what is best for the child or children. While you may naturally want to spend all the time with the children, it is only right to try to reach an agreement with your ex that allows you both to get plenty of quality time with the kids. When parents are cooperative with one another, it is good for a child’s mental health and can lead to a more successful co-parenting relationship for the parents. Create your own child custody mediation checklist to go over during the mediation session.

Avoid Bringing Up Non-Related Topics

When you are mediating the custody of the children, there is no real reason to bring up topics that have nothing to do with the children, such as personal details about infidelity or other issues that caused the marriage to end. When you are attending mediation, you are doing so on behalf of the children. 

You want what is best for them and you are trying to figure things out with your ex, your attorney, and his or her attorney. Ask your attorney any of the important child custody mediation questions before you get to the mediation room. Your attorney can answer the questions you have and explain the process to you a lot better to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Be Considerate During the Process

Always remain considerate during the process. It is normal to want to spend as much time with your children as you can get but think about the other parent and how much your children can benefit from having time with that parent, too. The children are going through a change in their lives now that their parents are separating. Having some sense of normalcy can benefit them and help them get through this situation. When parents are willing to share custody of the children, the children can benefit because they are getting enough time with each parent. There are both psychological and social advantages that children can benefit from when their parents willingly share custody.

Need to Mediate with Your Ex? Contact Shapiro Mediation Services

Mediation has become one of the most popular dispute resolution options for couples when it comes to child custody. The experienced team from Shapiro Mediation Services can help you throughout the entire mediation process so you are able to come to an agreement with the other parent regarding custody. Call our office today at 617-752-8996 to schedule a consultation for child custody mediation tips.