Writing Research Papers – Creating your Headlines and Introduction

Writing research papers can be a challenging task, and not everyone is capable of it. There are many strategies for writing good research papers, they are not all will be useful to all students. This article was written by experts to assist you better write research papers. Don’t be worried if you’re having trouble finding … Continue reading “Writing Research Papers – Creating your Headlines and Introduction”

Top Strategies To Organizing Term Papers

The practice of writing term papers can be a tedious and incredibly annoying experience. Many pupils struggle with the shortage of space allotted to the paper and write and re-write their term papers at the afternoon after attending class. When all of the work is completed, the papers can take weeks to get graded. Occasionally … Continue reading “Top Strategies To Organizing Term Papers”

What are the characteristics of a trustworthy online queens spins casino?

Blogs Games of Chance and Slot Machines queens spins casino Usability Transactions and banking Which online casino offers the finest gaming experience for Australians? As someone who has engaged in online gaming for some time now, I am often confronted with the question, “What really constitutes a respectable online casino?” And it’s a legitimate question! … Continue reading “What are the characteristics of a trustworthy online queens spins casino?”

What are casino bonus codes?

Blogs What banking alternatives do tiny posit casinos have? Customer support What are the Best Methods for Depositing AUD Currency in a Currency Exchange Service? Overview of the Casino Casino bonus codes are a great way to get started at an online casino. They give you a chance to try out the casino games and … Continue reading “What are casino bonus codes?”

What kind of players is Cherry Gold Casino suitable for?

Content Customer Service – top-notch service Is Cherry Gold Casino reliable? If your language skills haven’t been accumulated or approved, this newbie casino will still work great! Namely, from the beginning, the place offers all its services comprehensively and securely in many other languages as well as Finnish, so literally, everything works on the casino … Continue reading “What kind of players is Cherry Gold Casino suitable for?”

Who has the greatest real money casino: Tangiers Casino?

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Who has the greatest real money casino: Tangiers Casino?

How can I get started playing online casino games for real money? I haven’t seen it yet

Table of Contents Currency and linguistic differences Support for clients Which payment option is the most popular at these casinos? What distinguishes these sites from the others in terms of their security? If you’re looking to get started playing online casino games for real money, then Box24 Casino is a great option. They offer a … Continue reading “How can I get started playing online casino games for real money? I haven’t seen it yet”

How to build a Two Up Casino website online

Posts Two Up Casino Sports events that can be seen in person Review of a safe and reputable Australian casino Frequently Asked Questions about Making Deposits and Withdrawals Regulation and safety measures If you’re looking to start your own online casino, Two Up Casino review is the perfect place to get started. With everything you … Continue reading “How to build a Two Up Casino website online”

Boston Mediator Tells All: Inside The Collaborative Process to Solve Almost Any Dispute

People who are considering mediation for dispute resolution often wonder how this collaborative process actually works. While the proceedings are conducted in an informal atmosphere and the process is legally non-binding, an experienced Boston mediator will conduct it in meticulous stages. Then, mostly awarding the https://teyasilk.com/how-to-claim-casino-losses-on-taxes/ cash prizes. This helps ensure that everything goes smoothly … Continue reading “Boston Mediator Tells All: Inside The Collaborative Process to Solve Almost Any Dispute”

Boston Divorce Mediator: What Happens to The House?

The marital home is often one of the most valuable and prized assets that will be subject to division in a Massachusetts divorce. As shared by a Boston divorce mediator, in a contentious divorce case, the spouses may fail to agree on who should get the house or how it should be split as part … Continue reading “Boston Divorce Mediator: What Happens to The House?”

Boston Eviction Mediator Answers: Evicted For Any of These 5 Reasons? It Was Illegal!

Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) set forth the rules that tenants and landlords are required to follow. These rules cover how and when a landlord may evict a tenant. In some situations, the eviction may be illegal and you have a right as a tenant to dispute the landlord’s action. A seasoned landlord tenant mediation attorney … Continue reading “Boston Eviction Mediator Answers: Evicted For Any of These 5 Reasons? It Was Illegal!”

Disability Discrimination Mediator: Very Important! If You Have a Disability, Here Are Your Employment Protections in Massachusetts

Persons with disability have legal protections under the Massachusetts employment discrimination laws (provider under Chapter 151B of the state’s General Laws) as well as the federal law called the ADA. The state law covers employers who have at least six employees, while the ADA covers employers who have at least 15 employees. Both laws provide … Continue reading “Disability Discrimination Mediator: Very Important! If You Have a Disability, Here Are Your Employment Protections in Massachusetts”

Employment Contract Mediator Answers: What an Employer Can And Can’t Do to Your Job Status Amidst The Pandemic

Many workers have questions regarding their job status and employment rights during the Covid-19 pandemic. Get all your answers here!

Boston Mediator: How a Mediator Can Help With Alimony Modifications

Post-divorce mediation should be considered as an option to resolve issues like alimony modification between the former spouses. Learn more!

Covid-19 Employer/Employee Disputes: How a Boston Mediator Can Help

In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, employment disputes may arise in certain specific contexts. Here is how a Boston Mediator can help!

Know Your Rights: Massachusetts Employee Contract Protections

Massachusetts is a worker-friendly state, where workers get various legal protections as part of their employment contract. Learn more here!

I Received an Unfavorable Paternity Result: Can a Boston Mediator Help Me?

A relationship between unmarried parents can create paternity issues if they decide to end the relationship. Here is what you need to know.

Coping With Covid: 3 Tips to De-escalate Marital Stress Situations

The Covid-19 crisis has increased marital stress in many cases. Here are 3 tips to de-escalate marital stress situations in your life!

How to Set up a Remote Meditation Space in Your Home

Many people are not choosing virtual mediation to resolve their disputes. Learn how to open a remote mediation space in your home here!

Coronavirus Breach of Lease: Why You Need a Breach of Contract Mediation Lawyer

A party you are doing business can breach the contract during this pandemic and a breach of contract mediation lawyer in Massachusetts can help. Learn more!

Wrongfully Terminated Due to Covid-19? An Employment Mediation Lawyer May Be The Answer

COVID-19 has rendered millions of Americans jobless. Have you been wrongfully terminated as well? Here is how a employment mediation attorney can help!

Bankruptcy Mediation Lawyer Massachusetts: Prevent Bankruptcy With These 4 Tips

Bankruptcy is an effective way to resolve some serious debt situations, but it will affect your credit score. Here are some tips to avoid it.

Were You Wrongfully Evicted Due to Covid-19? A Landlord Tenant Mediation Lawyer Can Help

If you have been wrongfully evicted from your rental due to COVID-19, a landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts can help you. Learn more here!

3 Reasons a Massachusetts Mediation Attorney is More Important Than Ever Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone. Here are 3 reasons why a Massachusetts mediation attorney is important for you due to COVID-19.

6 Tips to Prepare For Your First Remote Mediation

Remote or virtual mediation is a safe and convenient alternative to in-person mediation during the times of Covid-19. Here are 6 steps to prepare for it.

Long Distance Divorce During Covid-19? Remote Mediation is The Answer

Due to the pandemic, long-distance divorces have become more challenging for many people. Here is how the remote mediation attorney can help.

Can’t Pay Your Debts Because of Covid-19? Remote Mediation May Be The Answer

The pandemic has caused job losses due to which people aren’t able to pay their debts. Here is how a remote mediation lawyer can help in such a situation.  

How Does Remote Mediation Work?

Due to the quarantine, all the lawyer offices are closed. But you can still get help by connecting with a remote mediation attorney. Learn how here!

Covid-19: Signs Your Landlord is Committing a Breach of Lease

If your landlord has committed a breach of lease in Massachusetts during this crisis, here is what you need to know and do to protect your rights.

Marital Issues Because of Quarantine? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

Are you have a lot of marital Issues because of the quarantine and want a lawyer? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer. Learn more here.

How To Best Prepare For Child Custody Mediation

One of the most emotionally exhausting issues in a divorce is child custody. Here is how to prepare yourself for child custody mediation.

No Office, No Problem: Choose a Virtual Mediation Lawyer

Mediation processes normally take place in a physical setting. But with this current situation, a virtual mediation lawyer is much better. Learn more here.

Covid-19 Lockdown: How You Can Still Get Essential Mediation Services

Lawyers have shut their offices due to the COVID-19 crisis. But we are here for you. Find out more about your remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts here.

Solve Shareholder Disputes With Business Mediation in Massachusetts

Disputes Business mediation can help avoid even the most contentious shareholder disputes which could damage the company’s reputation.

5 Types of Business Disputes a Massachusetts Business Mediator Can Solve

In comparison to litigation, business mediation in Massachusetts offers a much more reasonable and effective way to resolve business conflicts. Any business can have a dispute during the course of its commercial activity with a competitor, supplier, customer, employee, shareholder, or business partner.  An experienced Massachusetts mediator can help the involved parties successfully resolve any … Continue reading “5 Types of Business Disputes a Massachusetts Business Mediator Can Solve”

Resolve Your Business Bankruptcy With a Bankruptcy Mediator

Bankruptcy mediation is the most effective way to resolve a variety of disputes, such as preference and avoidance actions, complex multi-party negotiations for Chapter 11 reorganization plans, claim objections, objections related to discharge of other adversary proceedings, and various other contested matters.  Choosing a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Mediator Choosing a business bankruptcy mediator in Massachusetts is … Continue reading “Resolve Your Business Bankruptcy With a Bankruptcy Mediator”

Here’s How a Child Support Mediator Can Help With Child Support Mediation

Child support mediation provides parents a non-adversarial alternative to resolve contentious divorce issues related to supporting their child.

5 Signs Divorce Mediation Can Work As Opposed to Divorce Litigation

Find out the five reasons why divorce mediation in Massachusetts is the preferred way to resolve all or most of the contentious issues in a divorce!

Here’s How Contract Mediation is a Viable Alternative to Contract Litigation

As businesses grow, business contracts also become increasingly complicated. Find out how contract mediation is a viable alternative to contract litigation.

The Many Issues a Massachusetts Business Mediator Can Help You With

Business dispute mediation in Massachusetts results in a settlement in a vast majority of cases, and the parties involved will usually leave with a signed agreement.

Advice for Parents During Their First Child Custody Mediation

If you have recently looked up information on how to win child custody mediation, you are probably looking for genuine advice on how to get through the mediation process. It is ideal for the parents of children to attend mediation sessions to attempt to resolve child custody conflicts and disagreements.  When a former couple attempts … Continue reading “Advice for Parents During Their First Child Custody Mediation”

Why Mediation is Often the Best Option

The benefits of mediation are tremendous, but one thing that people tend to appreciate the most is the ability to resolve the conflict at a much faster pace.

Thinking About Mediation? These 3 Factors Will Tell You If It’s the Best Option

It is important to know the benefits of mediation and how it can be used to resolve an ongoing conflict as well as saving money on legal fees.

Here’s How an Alimony Mediator Can Help With Alimony Modification

Even after your divorce, the financial circumstances could change for you or your former spouse. An alimony mediator can help with alimony modification.

Paternity Dispute? Here’s Why You Need a Massachusetts Paternity Mediator

If paternity issues in a divorce are likely to affect the post-divorce parenting plan, it makes sense to consider a paternity mediator. Here’s why.

How is Alimony Calculated in Massachusetts?

The court may order that an independent party provide alimony to the dependent party to help them. Here is how alimony is calculated in Massachusetts.

Facing a Divorce? Why You Should Consider a Divorce Mediation Attorney

Rather than choosing the path of litigation, consider resolving your divorce with mediation. Here are some reasons to consider a divorce mediation attorney.

Four Family Law Issues That Can Be Solved With Mediation

A divorce is never easy in emotional terms for either side and quite often there may be numerous other complex and practical issues to resolve apart from the emotional aspects.  When a divorce issue is contentious enough that both parties are unable to solve mutually, they should consider family law mediation in Massachusetts. Here are … Continue reading "Four Family Law Issues That Can Be Solved With Mediation"

Are You a Defendant? Here’s How Mediation Is One Of Your Best Options

Mediation for defendants in Massachusetts is a masterful option in a number of legal situations. In cases related to medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, product liability, or premises liability, defendants often have most to gain if both parties agree to use the mediation process to resolve their dispute. Litigation for Defendants Can Be Expensive … Continue reading "Are You a Defendant? Here’s How Mediation Is One Of Your Best Options"

Five Advantages of Mediation Over Litigation

There is more than one way to resolve a legal dispute with another party, be it your spouse, employer, business partner, or a landlord. Instead of dragging the matter to the court and spending a significant amount of time and money over it, consider mediation as a better alternative to litigation. What is Mediation? Mediation … Continue reading "Five Advantages of Mediation Over Litigation"

Battle Bankruptcy With a Massachusetts Mediation Attorney

The role of mediation for bankruptcy cases has significantly grown in recent years in Massachusetts. A variety of bankruptcy-related disputes can be successfully resolved with the assistance of a bankruptcy mediation attorney in Massachusetts. These may include disputes such as valuation disagreements, avoidance actions, disputes over liens, claim issues, and confirmation issues.  In some cases, … Continue reading "Battle Bankruptcy With a Massachusetts Mediation Attorney"

Four Signs You Have Been a Victim of Disability Discrimination

It is against the law in Massachusetts to harass an employee or an applicant because they suffer from a disability, had a disability previously, or if it is apparent that their physical or mental disability is not transitory and minor (which means it may last for at least six months).  Employees who are discriminated on … Continue reading "Four Signs You Have Been a Victim of Disability Discrimination"

Five Ways to Avoid Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is time-consuming and expensive and mostly ends up hurting the company’s productivity and employee morale in more than one way. It’s essential to understand what employment mediation is and why it could be a much better alternative to resolving employer-employee disputes.  Choose an Employment Mediation Attorney  to Avoid Employment Litigation It becomes possible to … Continue reading "Five Ways to Avoid Employment Litigation"

Prevent Probate Litigation With Probate Mediation in Massachusetts

The death of a loved one is bound to leave a void that can never be filled. But when a loved one’s death is followed by a dispute or litigation among the family members, the situation becomes more emotionally challenging than what most people would like to imagine.  This is where a competent probate mediation … Continue reading "Prevent Probate Litigation With Probate Mediation in Massachusetts"

What Is The Definition Of Alcoholism

Content California Alcohol Abuse Statistics Learn More About American Alcohol Use Problems Interesting Facts About Alcohol Use Disorder Aud South Carolina Alcohol Abuse Statistics What Were Some Of The Most Common Triggers For Drinking Across Those Surveyed? More Than 15 Million Individuals In The Us Struggle With Alcohol Use Americas History With Alcohol Cost Of … Continue reading “What Is The Definition Of Alcoholism”

Separation Agreement in Massachusetts? Here Are Your Next Steps

A separation agreement in Massachusetts is a contract that is meant to settle various outstanding marital issues. The agreement is entered into after marriage in anticipation of a divorce and determines both parties’ post-divorce obligations and rights. The signed and notarized separation agreement in Massachusetts is required to be submitted to the court for approval … Continue reading "Separation Agreement in Massachusetts? Here Are Your Next Steps"

Why Mediation is an Ideal Solution for Landlord-Tenant Disputes

For various minor issues between landlords and tenants, it is always preferable to first try and clear the problem directly with each other, rather than straightaway adopting the litigation route. However, if the relations have soured to a level where a face-to-face meeting looks improbable, or you have failed to reach a reasonable negotiated settlement, … Continue reading "Why Mediation is an Ideal Solution for Landlord-Tenant Disputes"

How Mediation Can Settle Employer And Employee Disputes

Employee-employer dispute mediation is a powerful alternative to litigation, which can help resolve workplace disputes in a swift and amicable manner. It involves a neutral third-party mediator who will work closely with the parties involved in the dispute and facilitate negotiation in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution for all parties. Courts in Massachusetts usually … Continue reading "How Mediation Can Settle Employer And Employee Disputes"

Dealing With a Breach of Contract? Choose Mediation

Business and commercial contracts can often be complex, lengthy, and litigious. The more complex a contract, the higher the chances of a contractual dispute. To address the issue of a breach of contract, mediation could be the most reliable and cost-effective dispute resolution process.  Growing Popularity of Mediation  Although arbitration is another useful alternative dispute … Continue reading "Dealing With a Breach of Contract? Choose Mediation"

How Does Employment Contract Mediation Work?

Any business may face complaints from current or former employees related to the terms and conditions of the employment contract. It is often in the best interest of both the employer and the employee to resolve their differences through an alternative dispute resolution mechanism called mediation.  What is Employment Contract Mediation?  Employment contract mediation is … Continue reading "How Does Employment Contract Mediation Work?"

Mediation in The Workplace: When It’s The Right Time

Disputes with employees can prove costly for a company in terms of reputational loss and the damage caused to workforce morale. Litigation in a major dispute with workers can even cause significant financial losses to the business in terms of a potential jury award and hefty legal fees.  An otherwise robust and motivated workforce can … Continue reading "Mediation in The Workplace: When It’s The Right Time"

When Is Mediation Right for Medical Malpractice?

Patients and doctors both should have a clear idea of what is medical malpractice. When a patient suffers an injury or illness because of the doctor’s negligence in diagnosis or treatment, it could be a case of medical malpractice.  However, a doctor may not be aware they committed an act of negligence, and they may … Continue reading "When Is Mediation Right for Medical Malpractice?"

Do Mediation Tactics Change Based on Business Size?

Large businesses typically have more complex commercial disputes that may involve litigation or extended mediation. However, for a small business dispute resolution, mediation is often the most viable and pragmatic option. As a small business owner, even if you believe you can win a case in litigation, it may still be a poor business decision … Continue reading "Do Mediation Tactics Change Based on Business Size?"

How Does Confidentiality Factor Into Mediation?

Confidentiality in mediation proceedings is one of the hallmarks of the dispute resolution process. Privacy is often valuable to both individuals and businesses, and nobody likes to have their sensitive or embarrassing details revealed publicly. Mediation takes place in a closed room where representatives of both parties engage with each other through a neutral, third-party … Continue reading "How Does Confidentiality Factor Into Mediation?"

Mediation Statements: What They Are and Why They Are Important

An integral part of initiating the mediation process to resolve your dispute is the creation of a mediation statement. A mediation statement is a brief narrative submitted by your mediation attorney to inform the mediator and the other party of your case.  Mediation statements are a form of “position statement,” as they present a summary … Continue reading "Mediation Statements: What They Are and Why They Are Important"

Asset Division and Mediation: What You Need to Know

When you are contemplating or going through a divorce, you need to understand the marital asset division process. Leaving your assets at the mercy of a judge in litigation is a risky prospect that may leave you and your previous partner unsatisfied with the results. One of the best approaches to resolving contentious property issues … Continue reading "Asset Division and Mediation: What You Need to Know"

Facing Financial Troubles? Here’s How Mediation Can Help

Foreclosure and bankruptcy are two major potential eventualities when you are facing financial troubles. Foreclosure mediation is one of the ideal ways to help you keep your home if you fall behind on your mortgage payments. This article will discuss foreclosure mediation and outline how it can prevent you from suffering financial ruin.  Avoid Foreclosure … Continue reading "Facing Financial Troubles? Here’s How Mediation Can Help"

Litigation? Forget About It: Here’s Why Mediation Can Be a Better Alternative

A growing number of feuding individuals and businesses are now seeking alternatives to litigation due to its numerous downsides involving cost and unfavorable outcomes. Among the various types of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is one of the most effective options available today. Here are some of the compelling reasons why mediation is the best alternative … Continue reading "Litigation? Forget About It: Here’s Why Mediation Can Be a Better Alternative"

How is Mediation Different for a Small Business & a Large Corporation?

Mediation is one of the most common tactics used to resolve differences and disputes between two or more parties. Mediation is most often used in the business world, helping companies solve issues between employers and employees, companies and vendors, companies and independent contractors, companies, and customers and even between business partners. Mediation, although similar in … Continue reading "How is Mediation Different for a Small Business & a Large Corporation?"

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The best slot game in an online casino

Content Banking and payments. Please explain what a new casino is Program for high-ranking individuals Bonuses at Australian casinos for deposits of at least $1 Slots and table games Are you searching for an online casino that has a great selection of slot games? Take a look at https://oshicasino.bet. This casino has some of the … Continue reading “The best slot game in an online casino”

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice & Mediation

Victims of medical malpractice almost always call an attorney after suffering an injury at the hands of a doctor, nurse, medical staffers, pharmacist, or drug manufacturer. Is this always the best option? In some cases, litigation is your best option. In others, it might be a better idea to look into medical malpractice mediation. Let’s … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice & Mediation"

How Are Assets Divided During Divorce Mediation?

Coming to the realization that it’s time to file for divorce is a major life decision that should never be taken lightly. Mentioning divorce to your spouse will open up a host of emotions, some of which will include anger and resentment. No deposit https://starlitenewsng.com/main-street-casino-las-vegas-nevada/ bonus credits are ideal for players who want more freedom … Continue reading "How Are Assets Divided During Divorce Mediation?"

Foreclosure Mediation Can Drastically Improve a Tough Financial Situation

One of the most gratifying things in life is buying a home. Whether you have bought one home and lived in it for decades, or have purchased and lived in multiple homes, this is an exciting and stressful experience wrapped into one. Homeownership is stressful because if you stop paying your mortgage, you can lose … Continue reading "Foreclosure Mediation Can Drastically Improve a Tough Financial Situation"

Employment Mediation Can Lead to Happier Employees

It’s quite common in the business world for disputes to happen. It is sometimes unavoidable even if you have airtight contracts, policies, operating guidelines, and other documents in place. Someone will violate a policy and cause trouble for your human resources department or other aspects of the company. It’s how the problems that matter are … Continue reading "Employment Mediation Can Lead to Happier Employees"

Four Common Causes of Contract Disputes & How to Solve Them

A contract dispute is bound to happen when running a business. It can happen, even if you believe your contracts are sound and have very little loopholes. Whether it’s with an employee, a contractor, a vendor, or a client, how you resolve them determines how your company will move forward with the other party. Let’s … Continue reading "Four Common Causes of Contract Disputes & How to Solve Them"

Why Confidentiality is So Important During Mediation

Confidentiality is an important part of mediation for many reasons. It is a big reason why couples do their best to avoid going to court when they file for divorce. When a divorce reaches the trial stage, it becomes part of the public record. Anyone can file for divorce and keep the terms of the … Continue reading "Why Confidentiality is So Important During Mediation"

Prepare for a Successful Mediation by Following These Simple Steps

Preparation is key to a successful mediation. Simply walking into the room and expecting to come out successful will only hinder your chances. When you find out that your issue will be headed for mediation, whether it is your divorce or a contract dispute at work, you need to prepare for what you will face. … Continue reading "Prepare for a Successful Mediation by Following These Simple Steps"

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Emotional Intelligence in the Mediation Process

The mediation process is much quicker to complete than going to court, but it can be just as stressful and difficult to handle. Just because you are not appearing in front of a judge doesn’t mean that your emotions and patience won’t be tested. In fact, because you are in a private room, with only … Continue reading "Emotional Intelligence in the Mediation Process"

Learn How to Prepare Stronger Mediation Statements

The mediation statement is one of the most important parts of mediation. In fact, the stronger your statement, the more likely it is that you will encounter a successful outcome. When you craft strong mediation statements, you set the tone for what is to come. The statement also educates the mediator about your situation and … Continue reading "Learn How to Prepare Stronger Mediation Statements"

What to Expect Going Into Child Custody Mediation

Going through a divorce is never easy. Once the divorce is finalized, you can focus your time on your children. But, there is another hurdle you must jump before you can truly relax again and that is the child custody battle. You and the other parent of your child will need to come to an … Continue reading "What to Expect Going Into Child Custody Mediation"

Are Mediations Confidential?

When two or more parties enter into mediation, they are under the assumption that what happens and what is said during is confidential. Is it really, though? Can you be sure that the mediator will refrain from discussing the case with someone not involved? What about the other party? Will they refrain from releasing details … Continue reading "Are Mediations Confidential?"

Why Corporate Mediation Works Better Than the Alternatives

Corporate mediation is a voluntary process that can resolve a multitude of issues that businesses face daily. Whether it is a problem with an employee, a vendor, a contractor, a client, or another company, it is the best option out there for companies to resolve their issues. Why? For starters, mediation is a quicker method … Continue reading “Why Corporate Mediation Works Better Than the Alternatives”

The Role of a Mediator in Business Law Cases

When businesses are in dispute, mediation is an approach that may help avoid litigation. Litigation in the courts is expensive, time-consuming, and in the case of companies who work together, can lead to strained relations and the prospect of a cessation of all future working agreements. Mediation avoids these difficulties, instead of seeking to find … Continue reading “The Role of a Mediator in Business Law Cases”

Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Messy: How to Break Up Peacefully

Divorce is never fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a drag-down, knock out affair. In fact, if both sides approach it calmly, it can even be pleasant. Divorce doesn’t have to messy. Here are tips on how to break up peacefully. Look to the Future If you do decide to divorce peacefully, … Continue reading “Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Messy: How to Break Up Peacefully”

How is a Mediator Selected?

Not so long ago, there were few options to consider when trying to resolve a contract dispute or other legal disagreement. Forget about a duel or “making an offer you can’t refuse;” we’re talking about legal ways to resolve disputes. As far as legal solutions go, the only choice to choose from was usually “see … Continue reading “How is a Mediator Selected?”

What Is the Role of My Mediator in Business Mediation?

Before a business determines that mediation is their best option for dispute resolution, they might seek to better understand the process itself. Upon further research, the company may learn that their lawyer is not an active part in the proceedings, and the two parties will discuss the conflicts together with an experienced mediator. So, what … Continue reading “What Is the Role of My Mediator in Business Mediation?”

Commonly Asked Questions About Mediation

Mediation is a structured procedure where the parties talk through their disputes with the help of a skilled and unbiased third person (mediator) who assists them in finding a desirable resolution.  Here are a few frequently asked questions about mediation, which should give you a fair idea of whether mediation is an excellent option to … Continue reading “Commonly Asked Questions About Mediation”

Mediation or Trial: Which is Better for My Employment Lawsuit?

You’re dealing with some kind of employment action on your job, and now you have a big decision to make: should you go to trial or settle your lawsuit.

What Role Does My Lawyer Play in Divorce Mediation?

Divorces can be messy, often contentious affairs which can lead to excessive stressors and frustration for those involved. Mediation tries to solve these issues by inviting both spouses to talk in an open, constructive environment to reach an amicable settlement.

When is Mediation the Right Choice for Family Law Cases?

When families are in dispute, it can be difficult to see an end in sight.

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What Is Mediation and How Does It Work?

You may have heard the phrase: ‘there are 3 sides to the story – one side, the other side, and the truth.’

What Does a Mediator Do?

When parties are in dispute, finding common ground to break the deadlock may seem impossible.

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