Convert Your Web App Or Website To Native Ios & Android Apps

Convert Your Web App Or Website To Native Ios & Android Apps

Being the masters we have a passion of developing Apps that are not just robust, high quality and high performance. Designed to create more engagement and designed to serve purposes as per target audience our Apps are world-class and that is why our Apps lead on the rank boards. Reduce app development costs – obviously building an app from scratch and converting an app are not the same in price and time, and you’d be able to save money. More features – mobile app conversion is not duplication, so there are possibilities to enrich and improve user experience, add more unique features, etc. Like we mentioned earlier, while converting Android apps to iOS, the code needs to be written entirely from scratch.

On top of that, some extra Quality assurance effort that will grant the quality of the field use of the app is a must. Apple has formed a unique, exclusive market and user ecosystem that Android doesn’t have a counterpart. And its main advantage is that it covers multiple areas of use across various user segments and demographics. Common iOS users are a different breed that must be treated appropriately. And elaborating a proper focused approach pays off significantly in the long run.

You can convert your website to an Android & iOS application with just your URL. You might have your own set of problems that you wish to solve using Flutter. Discuss with your client and team how they wish to proceed with the Flutter solution.

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APK Debug + Release mode Can be run on any android device and platform under release mode. APK Release mode Can be run on any android device or platform under release mode. Features Build your own FREE App Turn your website into a mobile App (Release APK + App Bundle) for Android devices and platforms with our advertisement.

And, be sure to check out some of our other app lists while you’re here. If you want more to convert more than just currencies, GlobeConvert Currency & Units lets you do it all in one simple app. Select from over 20 additional conversion types for cooking, working, and research.


We created a fully custom platform from scratch; a six-fold team of specialists implemented various real estate-focused modules that make the life of landlords ultimately easier. We can help you convert an Android app to iOS within the most reasonable pricing ratio based on the latest approaches, no matter the purpose and complexity of your project. We dive into more detail on this further in the article, but you should initially outline and consider the differences between Material design and Flat design guidelines.

Our team analyses the UI and features of your Android app to come up with a similar app for your extended audience on iOS platform. We emphasize on delivering the same user experience for the iPhone users so that your product could succeed on the new front too. Firstly, check the operating system versions and make sure to convert Android app to iOS with relevant versions. Of course, phone users tend not to update their devices to the latest OS, though good news is that about 90% of iPhone owners have switched to the latest iOS version. To convert an app from iOS to Android requires technical skills in both mobile platforms. Developers have to be capable of platform adaptation, analyzing business logic behind an app, programming and testing.

The more data you have about user behavior, higher are the chances for you to create a product that meets the demands of the industry suitably. Eventually everything boils down to how much of an attention you are paying to the demands of the industry thus maximizing the opportunities to attract new target audiences. This list can of course keep going for long, but I am sure you get the idea. New opportunities for user acquisitionThe moment you make your app available on another platform, you are effectively expanding the opportunities for acquiring more users.

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As the name indicates, this app helps extract audio from your video files. You can set the audio for personalized ringtone or notifications. Thankfully, it supports a wide array of audio and video formats. Video to MP3 Converter is a versatile app that allows you to convert, trim, and cut videos as required.

android converter to ios

You’ll need to pay for things like rent, hardware, software, taxes, vacations, and more. However, in-house development allows you to control the development process completely and create an app that’s tailored to your exact specifications. The mobile market is full of unique devices, including multiple types of smartphones and tablets. So, when creating a UI/UX design, you should consider different screen sizes and ensure that all images, charts, and buttons look great on various devices. Since Android and iOS apps use different code variations, you may have to decide whether or not to design your app for Android or iOS users. Mobile applications bring many benefits to customers and businesses — it’s why nearly a third of small businesses already have one.

Why The Need For Ocr Apps?

It is a robust and fast app that comes handy if you need to use the OCR app frequently. This has resulted in the invention and development of smartphones. Google has released an interesting new tool on their Code page called j2objc.

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Reliable data processing is the cornerstone of many major industries today. And anomaly detection is one of the most relevant issues in this aspect. Our experts can calculate and provide a thorough estimate for you individually based on the underlying nuances of your app to be converted completely free.

Best Ocr Apps For Mobile Phones Android & Ios

When push notifications are enabled, your alerts appear on the user’s locked or home screen so they can see your messages as soon as they check their phone. One option is to create a mobile app for your website instead. This way, you keep your desktop version the same while offering a mobile variant that’s more user-friendly. Keeping in mind that Google will want to provide the best answer possible, it will display your app as an “app pack” when someone searches for your brand on a mobile device . Google will see that the user is operating on mobile and will want to show results that are best suited for that interface.

  • In practice, for iOS to Android conversion, the app is rewritten on another programming language entirely.
  • Even beyond that, covering the global market with two apps for the essential mobile platforms instead of one should help you generate more profits.
  • Whether you have a static or dynamic website that you want to turn into an iOS app, just share your requirements with our iOS app expert and get the best possible solution now.
  • Another efficient way to go is to use Kotlin’s multiplatform programming capabilities.
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Whether you’re taking a trip abroad or need to know the exchange rate for business, a currency converter for your iOS device can come in super handy. If you’re looking for tips to improve user experience, check out this complete guide to UX design. Once you have your feature list and development team ready to go, it’s time to start crunching numbers. A good rule of thumb is, the more complex your app is, the more expensive it’s going to be to develop. In fact, one study found that a “simple app” costs anywhere between $38,000 and $91,000 to develop. Multi-touch is a feature only available for iOS or Android apps.

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Modify your web app experience with optional CSS style classes when accessed by the app. And even modify the native status bar color of iOS and Android. I have worked with Xtreem Solution for quite a long time.

All your website/web app changes will be applied to your iOS & Android app immediately. Upgrade your app for futuristic use cases by using the built-in QR Code Scanner API to open a fancy and functional QR Code Scanner. Navigation is a crucial part of usability; they make or break an app. Enable the built-in elegant navigation gestures for forward, backward, & pull-to-refresh.

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Great team and quick turn around on all projects and request. With their help we have improved our website and company app . They understand the project’s needs, and our communication is great. All projects are delivered on time and without any major bugs.

Unlike most compressors that significantly reduce the quality, the useful app compresses videos but keeps its quality. Interestingly, you can also split videos and customize output format as well as remove watermark and create GIF video. This app can convert almost all audio and video formats such as HD video, WMV, MP4, MP3, android converter to ios FLV, AVI, and many more. VidCompact also provides editing features so you can cut, merge, trim, rotate, and stabilize videos. Thanks to ease-of-use features that allows you to convert videos without too much effort. This useful converter app supports many video formats such as AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and many more.

Top 10 Apps To Convert Pdf To Epub On Android, Iphone And Ipad

Utilizing high technology solutions, cleaning materials, and equipment. It offers its services via a very user-friendly online booking system which allows making secure payment as well. Visual components & plans, like design strategy, PSDs and screens are crafted at the next step of project development process. Xtreem Solution excels in converting Android Apps to iOS.

The Hot Reload feature allows us to view the changes made in the source code instantly. Your existing application is facing technical issues, and you anyhow have to work on releasing an update. When you have an already existing application in either Android or iOS and it is due for an update. Please consider a professional User Experience/UX Review on or similar services.

The app then lets you edit the captured text for minor discrepancies. Text fairy does not just convert image to text, but it also corrects the viewpoint from where the photo is taken. An OCR app available for Android is one of the best OCR apps available today.

Users can schedule meetings, review and modify appointments, and book meetings on the clean mobile interface. Video Converter Android is among the best video converter apps for Android. The app works well for most commonly used video formats such as MP4 and 3GP. It comes with the ability to extract audio from videos and save it in AAC or MP3 format.

Enjoy the fast video converting with Video MP3 Converter. This simple and easy app is developed to help convert as well as edit your video before uploading. The app boasts fast performance and a handful of functionalities to make your own video more impressive. Good news for beginners, you can easily handle video converting without problems. You just share your website URL with us, and our team of mobile app developers will handle the rest. Media Converter is an Android app that can convert files from just about any format to another.

If you decide to host your app on both Android and iOS, you can, but you’ll just need to code two separate apps — even if they offer the same exact features. For starters, Android does have a larger user base than iOS. In 2021, the Android OS market share was 84% whereas the iOS market share was just less than 16%. Globally, many more people are using Android devices than iOS.

Our developers create functional elements, algorithms, and other backend modules while integrating them with UI at this step. Capable of building robust, secure and scalable databases we develop Android Apps that are strong enough to manage massive data. Data handling is never a bottle neck for our App solutions. Consider $5,000 to $20,000 cost range for average feature app.