Coping With Covid: 3 Tips to De-escalate Marital Stress Situations

The Covid-19 crisis has increased marital stress in many cases. Here are 3 tips to de-escalate marital stress situations in your life!

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Coping With Covid: 3 Tips to De-escalate Marital Stress Situations

The Covid-19 crisis has not only taken a toll on the health and finances of large sections of the population but also increased marital stress in many cases. The new work-from-home paradigm, reduced socialization and minimal opportunities to break away from routine or take leisure trips are contributing to friction in marital relationships.

If you are contemplating a divorce or separation, it is prudent to discuss your situation with a trusted Massachusetts mediation lawyer. Here are a few proven tips that should help reduce your marital stress in these times.

Acknowledge the New Challenges

massachusetts mediation lawyerIt is important to recognize that the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic is not easy to cope with. The uncertainty and risk of infection have not disappeared, and worries continue to linger on. Joblessness has increased and business is now hard because of low consumer confidence. In the midst of all this, you and your spouse are expected to work from home, look after the kids, doing the cooking and other household chores, while taking precautions against the COVID risks all the while.

It is time to be gentle on yourself and your spouse, and reduce your expectations from each other. Focus on the immediate tasks at hand without worrying too much about tomorrow. However, if you believe the marriage has broken beyond redemption, your first step should be to consult with a dedicated Massachusetts mediation lawyer.

Give Space to Each Other

Some couples during these times become more interdependent, while some others seem to drift apart. You can minimize marital conflict by respecting the private space of your spouse and encouraging him or her to do the same for you. Set aside some private “me” time for yourself. You may like to go for a walk or do some physical exercises, meditation, or yoga in the privacy and comfort of your own room for 30 minutes a day.

If you are both working, then avoid interfering with or commenting on each other’s professional engagements or performance as far as possible. Set up your respective WFH workspaces sufficiently apart so that there is no distraction while you are at work. However, despite all efforts, if you find that the marital relationship cannot be repaired, it may be time to talk to a knowledgeable Massachusetts mediation lawyer.

Do Your Part Diligently

Sharing of household work is no longer an option, but a necessity in most homes post Covid-19. Even where one spouse is the sole breadwinner, they still have a responsibility to contribute to the domestic work in some ways and remain proactively involved in the children’s upbringing.

Make frank communication with your spouse regarding the division of work to understand his or her expectations. If you are both working, you may either assign different chores to each other or choose different days to do your work in order to accommodate each other’s work schedules.

Consult with a Competent Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

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