Why Corporate Mediation Works Better Than the Alternatives

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Why Corporate Mediation Works Better Than the Alternatives

Corporate mediation is a voluntary process that can resolve a multitude of issues that businesses face daily. Whether it is a problem with an employee, a vendor, a contractor, a client, or another company, it is the best option out there for companies to resolve their issues. Why? For starters, mediation is a quicker method than filing a lawsuit for breach of contract or other problems that companies encounter. It can lead to a resolution as quickly as one day.

Safe Environment for Negotiations

According to the American Bar Association, more than 85 percent of all cases that utilize mediation led to a successful settlement. This is even true when prior attempts at reaching a settlement have failed. A common fear for attorneys? Making an offer to settle will be viewed as a sign of weakness, which leads them to stick their feet in the ground and negotiate for higher terms. Mediation is a safe place for negotiations because the mediator helps to direct and control how the two sides communicate with each other.

All Parties Allowed to Meet

Another benefit of corporate mediation is that all parties responsible for making decisions on both sides will be allowed to attend negotiations. When they attend these meetings, they can focus all of their time and energy on reaching a solution that best serves both sides.

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No Hard Bargaining or Posturing

When many issues reach mediation, they likely have encountered failed negotiations before the session. Negotiations likely failed beforehand due to hard bargaining and posturing tactics employed by the attorneys representing either party. When a company enters into business mediation, the mediator’s job is to prevent hard bargaining and posturing from happening, and instead force both sides to have an open, honest, calm discussion of the issue at hand.

Quicker Resolution Than Trial

You might think that when an employee lawsuit is filed, it is best to follow through with litigation and head to trial. This is not beneficial to you or the employee who filed the lawsuit. The same goes for anyone filing a lawsuit against your company or if your company files a lawsuit. Mediation can bring a much quicker resolution to your problem than going to trial, which can take years.

Direct Influence of Position

When utilizing corporate mediation, both sides will be able to directly influence the other side when it comes to their position. This includes presenting evidence, educating the other side, and conveying their stance on the issue without the posturing of an attorney. You will be able to provide the opposition with a realistic view of your situation.

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Test Settlement Proposals

Mediation also allows companies to test settlement proposals made by the other party by attending a meeting with the mediator. This is done confidentially. Each side provides the mediator with a proposed settlement, and then he or she determines if an agreement can be reached between the parties without disclosing the information.

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