Covid-19 Employer/Employee Disputes: How a Boston Mediator Can Help

In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, employment disputes may arise in certain specific contexts. Here is how a Boston Mediator can help!

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Covid-19 Employer/Employee Disputes: How a Boston Mediator Can Help

In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, employment disputes may arise in certain specific contexts. Many employers have laid-off workers due to the prevailing economic challenges, but it is possible that an employee may have been wrongfully terminated. The termination may be without good cause (if other workers in similar capacity have not been removed from the job during the Covid crisis).

Employees of certain ethnic descent may believe that they have been denied a promotion, wrongfully terminated, not paid their dues, or harassed at the workplace in the aftermath of Covid-19. An experienced employment mediation attorney can help all the parties resolve their disputes in a relatively informal and collaborative environment.  

Mediation is Non-Binding and Confidential

Boston mediatorMediation is legally non-binding, which should encourage both employers and employees to explore this dispute resolution process. Neither the employer nor the worker is required to necessarily accept the mediator’s recommendations for settlement. The terms of the settlement, if any, are entirely subject to the agreement of both parties.

A skilled Boston mediator can significantly increase the possibility of a resolution by enabling both sides to engage in open communication. The mediator can help them remove the emotions from the equation and focus solely on their best interests. The best interests are served through a swift and fair resolution, which meets the needs of both parties.

When you work with a trusted and reputable employment mediation attorney in Massachusetts, they will ensure that the negotiations are held confidentially in a secure and private place. Employers usually have high stakes because other employees would be watching how the dispute is resolved.

Fair Resolution of Job Termination Disputes

Boston mediatorOne of the most common employment disputes, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, is an employee’s claim of wrongful termination. The employer may be downsizing due to changed business circumstances, but a disgruntled employee may sue them.

In this situation, a Boston mediator can help in making the employee recognize the real situation, convince them to accept their part of the responsibility, and see the inaccuracies in their perception of the employer. Employees who are facing a termination can sometimes get so invested in their own version of the truth that it takes a seasoned employment mediator to show them the reality.

On the other hand, sometimes a termination may not be legally wrongful but poorly handled. Or, the employer may have indeed singled out a worker on the basis of their gender, race, age, or disability to fire them during Covid-19. In these situations, the mediator will be able to explain the facts to the employer and advise them against the idea of seeking a court verdict.  

Ensuring a Continued Relationship

Sometimes the employee may be highly talented and could be a good asset for the employer. A knowledgeable Boston employment mediation attorney will help the employer recognize that their interests may be better served through a compromise settlement.

Employees in a dispute are sometimes looking to vent their emotions, and a skillful mediator will allow them this opportunity. Thereafter, a resolution is likely to occur swiftly. Serious animosity can be avoided in this way, and the employment relationship may be restored.

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