Covid-19 Lockdown: How You Can Still Get Essential Mediation Services

Lawyers have shut their offices due to the COVID-19 crisis. But we are here for you. Find out more about your remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts here.

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Covid-19 Lockdown: How You Can Still Get Essential Mediation Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to significant disruption in most businesses and services. Lawyers providing mediation services in Massachusetts have also had to shut their offices for months in compliance with the shelter in place and lockdown guidelines. 

Although now the economy is gradually reopening, it may still be difficult for many clients to visit physically for mediation services. In this situation, you should work with a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts, who has the capability to provide both in-person and virtual mediation services.

Time to Consider Remote Mediation Services

In the extraordinary Covid-19 times, the importance of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism has increased. A growing number of individuals and businesses now want to choose a more efficient and cost-effective way to resolve their disputes. With restricted access to courts and the typical time lags associated with litigation, it is prudent to choose a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts for a swift resolution under safe conditions. 

In remote mediation, the negotiations can be conducted through video conferencing or telephonic platforms. Through the creation of virtual meeting rooms, the mediator can continue to operate as an intermediary between the parties and engage as effectively as they would in a physical setting. The mediation documents, such as case statements and the mediation agreement can be exchanged via e-mail.

The parties to the dispute can discuss their issues privately as they would normally do in a physical mediation. The virtual meeting rooms can be created separately or jointly, depending on the need of the parties to communicate directly with each other. To maintain confidentiality, the mediator will ask the parties to ensure that the remote proceedings are not interrupted or overheard by anyone other than the parties themselves. 

Advantages of Remote Mediation

Working with a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts during the Covid-19 crisis offers several advantages to all parties to the dispute. At a time when most businesses are struggling due to the pandemic, achieving a swift and cost-effective resolution to a dispute in these circumstances could make the difference between survival and failure of a business. 

Reaching a settlement through remote mediation is likely to free up critical financial and administrative resources that are much-needed at the moment, or help to salvage a vital business or personal relationship. Another key advantage of a remote mediation is that it can be arranged faster for an early resolution. 

The virtual availability of people is usually higher. If multiple parties from distant locations are involved, they all do not have to travel physically, and can simply meet virtually and participate in the mediation proceedings. 

In addition, discussions held virtually often progress more swiftly because in a remote setting all parties typically spend lesser time in hard negotiating tactics and avoid getting entangled in issues of minor significance. Virtual mediation will usually move more directly to the real operative part of the settlement negotiations.

Work with a Resourceful Remote Mediation Lawyer in Massachusetts 

Shapiro Mediation Services, led by top legal expert Anna Shapiro, Esq. has been serving the communities across Massachusetts and South Florida. We continue to offer exceptional mediation services and support during the prevailing Covid-19 situation. To schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experienced mediators, call 617.765.1040 or contact us online.