Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Messy: How to Break Up Peacefully

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Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Messy: How to Break Up Peacefully

Divorce is never fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a drag-down, knock out affair. In fact, if both sides approach it calmly, it can even be pleasant. Divorce doesn’t have to messy. Here are tips on how to break up peacefully.

Look to the Future

If you do decide to divorce peacefully, it is essential that you always keep an eye on your future. In a divorce, it’s easy to fall into the common trap of digging up painful things from the past.  Instead of dwelling on the negative of separation, why not take a counterintuitive approach and focus on how you now have a fresh start at life and love? By changing your mindset and looking at the positives, you take a substantial first step in divorcing amicably. 

Be Willing to Forgive

When a marriage ends, there is a natural feeling to want to blame your spouse for the issue that led to the breakup. This thought process, however, solves nothing and will only lead to negative and hurtful feelings later on. Instead, why not embrace the concept of forgiveness? As Desmond Tutu brilliantly put it, “Forgiveness gives us the freedom to move into your future and let go of your past. The invitation to forgive is an invitation to healing and peace.” Don’t let bitterness control you, seek forgiveness and find peace.

Consider Mediation

Many divorces end up in the courts, where he-said-she-said fighting over property, assets, and children lead to anger and resentment. Instead of focusing on fighting, why not consider working together to reach common ground and a consensus? Mediation is an excellent option for couples seeking an amicable and peaceful resolution to marriage. It involves both parties working together to negotiate a separation agreement using an experienced legal negotiator or mediator. The process is voluntary, cheaper than the traditional route of litigious divorces, and is an excellent choice for marriages where children are involved, as it keeps them from being dragged through the mud of a bitter battle in court.

Find Out What Matters to You and Negotiate in Good Faith

If you decide to seek mediation, make sure you always take up the process with good faith, as well as an eye to what matters to you. In a divorce, far too many arguments arise from partners who want everything and refuse to budge. By taking a step back and thinking about what you need rather than what you want, you can negotiate from a much more confident and compassionate standpoint. This mindset is crucial if children are involved, as their best interests are paramount. 

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