What to Expect Going Into Child Custody Mediation

child custody mediation

What to Expect Going Into Child Custody Mediation

Going through a divorce is never easy. Once the divorce is finalized, you can focus your time on your children. But, there is another hurdle you must jump before you can truly relax again and that is the child custody battle. You and the other parent of your child will need to come to an agreement as to how the two of you will handle custody. Most people head to child custody mediation in an effort to come to an agreement in a smooth manner.

How to Make Mediation Successful for All of You

The most important thing you can do in a child custody mediation situation is to always work in the best interests of your child. The divorce was all about you and your former spouse. Now, it’s time to put the focus on your child, what will work for them, and how you can help them transition to this new life as easily as possible. If you follow the child custody mediation tips below, you should find success:

  • Don’t bring conflicts with your former spouse into the situation
  • Listen to the mediator
  • Listen to the other parent
  • Listen to your child
  • Talk only about custody issues
  • Know when to compromise
  • Have multiple schedule ideas to present
  • Bring your child’s school schedule and your work schedule
  • Write down issues or child custody mediation questions you wish to discuss
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Enter with Realistic Expectations

Since we are talking about what to expect when entering into mediation for child custody, we would be remiss if we didn’t come right out and say that you need to enter with realistic expectations. Coming to an agreement is much like reaching a settlement. When a settlement is reached, not everyone is happy. You need to understand that not all of your requests or ideas will be met or used. This is a compromise and as a parent, it will be one of the most difficult things you will do in life. 

Present Valid Concerns

When learning how to win child custody mediation, you need to present valid concerns about the other parent of your child. These concerns can be related to the other parent’s ability to care for the child on their own. They may even deal with more personal issues, like any history of alcohol or drug use, history of physical abuse, unemployment, and similar factors. Other concerns include not having the proper child seats in the other parent’s car, routinely dropping the child off to school late, not attending events at school and much more.

child custody mediation checklist

Child Custody Mediation Checklist

Before attending child custody mediation, be sure to review this child custody mediation checklist so you are prepared:

  • Bring schedules for you and your child
  • Bring proof of care you provide for your child
  • Bring valid concerns about the other parent and possible evidence of their discretions
  • Call an attorney to represent you
  • Bring a list of questions and concerns

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