Facing a Divorce? Why You Should Consider a Divorce Mediation Attorney

Rather than choosing the path of litigation, consider resolving your divorce with mediation. Here are some reasons to consider a divorce mediation attorney.

divorce mediation attorney

Facing a Divorce? Why You Should Consider a Divorce Mediation Attorney

When divorce becomes inevitable, it is time to think objectively and take all the necessary steps to protect your interests. Rather than choosing the aggressive path of litigation where nobody is likely to feel satisfied in the end, consider resolving your divorce issues through mediation. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a divorce mediation attorney in Massachusetts. 

The Mediator Will Help You Prioritize Your Children’s Interests

Divorce is undoubtedly hard on you. But it is harder on your children, and more so if it involves litigation. Chances are that as a parent you wouldn’t want your children to take a stand in the court and answer questions such as: “Do you wish to live with your father or mother?” Litigation could lead to exactly these types of situations.

divorce mediation lawyer

A professional yet compassionate divorce mediator will treat you and your former spouse as co-parents, and not as litigants. All the decisions in divorce mediation will have this consideration at the core: How will it affect your children? 

Your Massachusetts divorce mediation lawyer will help you and the other parent focus on the future rather than the past and work towards a mutually satisfactory resolution rather than getting entangled in emotional bitterness and playing the blame-game.

Your Divorce Mediator Will Encourage Peaceful Negotiation

Divorce litigation by its very nature can create severe emotional stress for both sides and things can get heated up. But when you choose an experienced divorce mediation attorney, your divorce process will no longer be adversarial but constructive and peaceful. 

The focus will be on respecting each side’s views and encouraging dialogue rather than taking a stubborn ‘us versus them’ stance. A skilled mediator will help you and the other party set aside your personal hurt in order to work towards a resolution and move on with your lives.

Mediation Attorney Will Be Efficient and Will Save Your Time

When you choose litigation, your divorce in Massachusetts could take as much as one year or sometimes, even longer, to get finalized. On the other hand, if you and your ex-spouse are willing to resolve all issues with the help of a seasoned divorce mediator, the entire process could be completed much faster.

The mediator will ensure that you and the other party are in full control of all the sensitive or complex decisions and facilitate their resolution through respectful dialogue and discussion. As a result, you will be able to end your marriage much faster and get ready to start a new life.

More Pragmatic and Thorough Agreement With a Divorce Mediator 

When you and the other party have a say in what your divorce settlement agreement finally looks like, compliance, in the long run, will be much better and easier from both sides.

A skilled divorce mediation lawyer will help ensure your divorce agreement is more comprehensive, and it is an agreement that you can practically use because it is will be based on the unique needs of your family. 

Speak to a Dedicated Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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