6 Tips to Prepare For Your First Remote Mediation

Remote or virtual mediation is a safe and convenient alternative to in-person mediation during the times of Covid-19. Here are 6 steps to prepare for it.

Remote or virtual mediation is a safe and convenient alternative to in-person mediation, which is now increasingly accepted in the times of Covid-19. As long as you are working with a knowledgeable and resourceful remote mediation lawyer, you can make the most of this adaptable and flexible process. 

Choose an Established Virtual Mediation Platform 

A number of video communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are now available, which will enable you to have smooth and hassle-free remote mediation proceedings. Choose a widely used or mainstream platform and make sure that all participants are comfortable with it. Your remote mediation lawyer can do a test run a day in advance to ensure everyone is able to set up, understand, and use video communication.

Try to Minimize the Number of Participants

It would be ideal to have only a limited number of attendees during the remote mediation process. This will reduce the burden on the system and also the proceedings can go on more efficiently when only relevant parties to the dispute are present. It is not necessary to present in the same geographical location, but account for people in different time zones when you set up a time for the meeting. 

Keep Key Documentation Ready for the Meeting

Prepare for your virtual mediation in the same way as you would do for in-person mediation. Make sure you have all the key documents ready in advance, including your position statement. The parties can decide ahead of time with the guidance of their remote mediation attorney whether the draft agreement (if reached) may be signed digitally at the end of mediation. The mediator should receive all the pertinent information beforehand so that the proceedings can move swiftly.

Make Sure You Have a Reliable Internet Connection

All attendees to the mediation should have a reliable internet connection. You will require a laptop, microphone, and webcam (unless you are using your smartphone or another handheld device). If you experience any technical issues during the test run, resolve them prior to the scheduled mediation. Obtain the consent of all parties in advance if you wish the record the video proceedings. 

Pay Attention to Minor Details 

The participants should set up their systems preferably in a well-lit room, which enables others to view their faces clearly. Your facial expression is an important part of any successful communication to drive home your points. The room or area you have chosen for your video mediation should be quiet so that you are clearly audible to others. As far as possible, you should avoid distracting clothing, so that the focus remains on what you are saying and not what you are wearing.

Ensure Confidentiality and Security

Your remote mediation lawyer should ensure that adequate password protection or other cybersecurity measures are in place for the virtual meeting. During the conversations, no third parties at your home or office should be listening in or recording the proceedings. Confidentiality is a distinct privilege that is usually available in mediation, and not in litigation. You can easily take care of this aspect even in a remote mediation.

Set Up a Virtual Consultation with a Top Mediation Attorney

Shapiro Mediation Services has the technology and skills to offer you smooth and effective virtual mediation. To learn more about the digital mediation process, call us at 617.765.1040 and set up a free consultation with one of our remote mediation lawyers or contact us online.

Long Distance Divorce During Covid-19? Remote Mediation is The Answer

Due to the pandemic, long-distance divorces have become more challenging for many people. Here is how the remote mediation attorney can help.

In the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic conditions, long-distance divorces have become more challenging for many people. Virtual mediation sessions through video conferencing are a credible and effective answer to this problem, provided you are working with a skilled remote mediation attorney. 

Remote mediation for long-distance divorces is legally permitted and is providing substantial relief to people during the coronavirus crisis. It allows you to avoid all the logistical hurdles and exposure risks because you can participate in the mediation process from the safety and privacy of your home or office. 

Why Choose Video Conferencing for Remote Mediation?

Your remote mediation attorney will organize the virtual mediation session via video conferencing for the parties involved in a long-distance divorce. While these sessions may also be conducted through teleconferencing, but video technology is better because it allows both spouses and their attorneys along with the mediator to come face to face virtually as though they were all sitting together in a mediation room. 

Video conferencing also enables screen sharing, which means that your remote mediation attorney can present financial spreadsheets and other documents on everyone’s screen just the way it would happen in a physical mediation process. Compared to phone and email-based mediation, a video-based remote mediation is more immediate and interactive.

As long as you have an experienced remote mediation attorney by your side, you will be able to successfully address and negotiate all your divorce and family law issues in this long-distance setting. You will also have the option to take a break and walk away from the webcam or enter into a private discussion with your attorney or the mediator during the mediation process as needed.

Causing sessions during your virtual mediation process may be used less often because video-based conferencing allows one party to pause the call if a heated discussion has ensued and he or she requires a few minutes to regain composure. 

Videoconferencing Platforms have Made it Easier

Popular and reliable videoconferencing platforms such as Microsoft Team and Zoom are ideal for long-distance divorce mediations because they will let you create joint rooms as well as private “breakout rooms”. The virtual session can be conducted in a completely confidential and secure environment as the host will create a unique password that allows only authorized participants to enter. 

Each participant will be first moved to a “waiting room” until the host accepts them to enter the mediation session. This is done to make sure that random people do not gain access to mediation. High-quality video conferencing platforms arranged by your remote mediation attorney can ensure that communication takes place smoothly and effectively. 

Body language and facial expressions, which provide vital trust generating cues, are possible in a video-based remote mediation session, just as they are in physical interaction.

Schedule a Free Virtual Consultation Today! 

Shapiro Mediation Services has the resources and the expertise to provide long-distance divorce mediation services to people across Massachusetts and South Florida. Led by top-rated mediation attorney Anna Shapiro, Esq., we are committed to providing the same level of service excellence through remote mediation as you would expect in a face-to-face session. Call 617.765.1040 to schedule a free consultation with one of our mediators or contact us online.

Can’t Pay Your Debts Because of Covid-19? Remote Mediation May Be The Answer

The pandemic has caused job losses due to which people aren’t able to pay their debts. Here is how a remote mediation lawyer can help in such a situation.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in extensive job losses, closure of numerous small and medium-sized businesses, and a serious overall economic disruption in the country. 

In these conditions, you may not be able to fulfill your debt obligations if you owe money to another individual or a business. Rather than choose the expensive and stressful route of litigation, it is far more prudent to resolve your debt dispute with the help of a remote mediation lawyer

Evaluate the Cause of Unpaid Debt 

When you hire the services of a dedicated remote mediation attorney to resolve your debt dispute, they will first try to understand whether you simply do not have the funds to pay your debt, or you have a dispute about the amount or terms of debt with the creditor. 

You and the creditor may differ in your calculations about the amount that you owe to them, about the quality or quality of the goods or services delivered (which led to unpaid debt), or the terms of the debt contract, which have caused the dispute. 

Settling the Debt Dispute

If your financial circumstances have become difficult following the Covid-19 crisis, your remote mediation lawyer will try to help you gain time for repayment, reduce the interest costs, or explore the possibility of a reduced one-time payment to settle the debt.

A skillful remote mediation attorney will be able to present the actual facts of your current financial position before the other party and try to find a mid-way resolution. The advantage with mediation is that you get an opportunity to demonstrate your sincere intention to pay back the debt, or to resolve the debt dispute in a fair way, and not simply escape from the repayment responsibility altogether.

The relationship between the debtor and creditor can be preserved through the mediation process, and a win-win solution can be found.    

Benefits for Both Parties

The mediation will prove useful not just for you as a debtor during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also for the other party or parties to whom you owe money. When your remote mediation attorney effectively represents you before the other parties, they can be convinced that you have a mindset to resolve the debt dispute and explore the possibility of a mutually acceptable solution.

Debt dispute mediation does not mean that you as a debtor will agree to anything the other party says just to end the problem. At the same time, it also does not mean that you will refuse to budge from your position or concede even a few reasonable points of the creditor. 

A remote mediation to resolve a debt dispute during Covid-19 can bring the following benefits for both parties:   

  • A timely and swift resolution of the debt dispute 
  • Lower costs compared to arbitration or litigation 
  • A fair amount of predictability 
  • Control over the final decision 
  • A high degree of compliance because of mutual agreement

Creditors are aware that even if they recover only a percentage of their total debt rather than 100 percent, they are at an advantage compared to a situation where they have to fight in the courts and bear high legal costs and complete uncertainty about the outcome. 

Serving Communities Across Massachusetts 

Discuss your debt dispute with Anna Shapiro, Esq., who is a trusted and reputable remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts. Shapiro Mediation Services is helping communities across the state to resolve their disputes. Call us today at 617.765.1040 to schedule a free consultation or contact us online.

How Does Remote Mediation Work?

Due to the quarantine, all the lawyer offices are closed. But you can still get help by connecting with a remote mediation attorney. Learn how here!

In the medical, social, and economic aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals and organizations have a greater incentive than ever before to choose mediation over litigation to resolve their disputes. However, many people wonder how virtual mediation may work if it is not possible to meet the other party in person and when the mediator is not physically present to guide the process? 

The good news is that the mediation process can be conducted virtually with all the parties participating in it and under the guidance of a capable remote mediation attorney. There is no reason for you to avoid or postpone your mediation proceedings in Massachusetts due to Covid-19, as long as you are working with a resourceful and committed remote mediation lawyer. 

Is a Remote Mediation Valid under the Law?

Even before the Covid-19 crisis hit us, the US government has been encouraging online dispute resolution through mediation. There are no legal hurdles involved if you choose this option. 

As long as the remote mediation process conforms to the best practices in conflict resolution and maintains the established ethical standards, the US courts and regulatory agencies are highly supportive of the idea of voluntary dispute resolution through virtual mediation. 

You can make sure that your mediation process proceeds smoothly online and is conducted fairly when you work with a reputable Massachusetts remote mediation attorney.

Practical Considerations in Remote Mediation

Recent experience has shown that it is possible to move the entire traditional mediation process online using proven video and teleconferencing tools. Online meeting platforms allow for multiple rooms, which means that the meeting host can create a virtual private room for each party as well as a virtual joint room that will allow representatives of all parties to participate. 

This ensures that each party can confer in private their advisors, just the way they would in a physical mediation proceeding. At the same time, the mediator, who controls which party enters which room, will be able to conduct joint as well as private meeting sessions with each party.   

Online Document Exchange 

Some elements of the physical mediation process, such as the exchange of position documents and final mediation agreement, are already carried out online. Therefore, these elements can continue to proceed in a remote mediation without any change. The electronic signing of documents is possible, which means a settlement agreement can be executed remotely. 


This means that technically a remote mediation can be fully settled the same day. The facility of online screen sharing will enable the parties to review and make adjustments to the key mediation documents (such as the draft copy of the mediation agreement). In addition, the parties may choose to receive the draft copy via email and evaluate it in detail along with their Massachusetts mediation attorney before the final settlement.

Dry Run of the Remote Proceedings 

It is usually prudent to have a dry run ahead of the actual day of remote mediation. This will ensure that all parties are comfortable with the technology and the system being used for the proceedings. The number of participants in a remote mediation should preferably be kept as low as possible to allow for more efficient communication and increase the chances of a settlement. 

Set Up a Consultation with an Eminent Mediation Lawyer

At Shapiro Mediation Services, we are proud to follow the best practices and maintain top legal standards for our clients at all times. We are fully equipped to support you remotely and facilitate a remote mediation for your case in Massachusetts. Call 617.765.1040 today to schedule a free consultation with us or contact us online.

Covid-19: Signs Your Landlord is Committing a Breach of Lease

If your landlord has committed a breach of lease in Massachusetts during this crisis, here is what you need to know and do to protect your rights.

Whether your landlord has committed a breach of lease in Massachusetts out of ignorance of the law or intentionally during the Covid-19 crisis, you need to protect your rights under all circumstances. With high security features and sky-high payouts, you can https://kellyrobbins.net/del-sol-casino-arizona-weather-10-day-forecast/ “bet without fear, win without limits”! If you believe your landlord may have violated the lease terms, your best bet would be to speak to a seasoned landlord-tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts. 

Signs of a Landlord’s Illegal Action 

Your landlord is bound by the state and federal laws as well as the terms of the lease. Some actions are illegal on your landlord’s part during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond – even if they may not be explicitly mentioned in your lease agreement. These include: 

  • Even if you have failed to pay rent for several months, your landlord cannot lock you out of your home unless they have first obtained an eviction order from the court
  • Your landlord cannot take any retaliatory action against you if you have complained to them about the uninhabitable conditions in your dwelling.
  • Your landlord has no right to enter your rented place in absence of a reasonable advance notice – except when there is an emergency. All the bonus offers on display are https://casillascontracting.us/what-does-it-take-to-open-a-casino/ completely fresh because just like shellfish, bonuses get old really fast.  

Signs of Retaliation if You Have Made a Complaint

A breach of lease in Massachusetts may also occur by way of your landlord’s retaliation against you for complaining against any issue related to your rental property. Whether you have complained directly to the landlord or filed a complaint with the local Massachusetts municipality or state, your landlord cannot retaliate against it. As you know, practice makes perfect! https://tpashop.com/when-did-table-mountain-casino-open/  

If the landlord harasses you, makes the conditions unlivable for you by refusing to make repairs, files an eviction action, or increases the rent – as a reaction to your complaint, you should consult with a landlord-tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts.

Signs of Harassment to Make Up for Increased Costs

If your landlord’s operation costs, such as charges for maintenance or utilities, insurance premiums, and property taxes have gone up, they may resort to illegal tactics to compensate for their increase in expenses. Some of the common signs of this type of illegal activities may include: 

  • Trying to push out tenants who have been paying a lower rent 
  • Delaying urgent or mandatory property inspections
  • Bringing in unskilled workers to carry out serious repairs 

Refusal to Make Essential Repairs 

The breach of lease in Massachusetts may occur when your landlord refuses to make essential repairs to the property, which poses a risk to your safety or health. If the local laws in your area require the landlord to use only licensed professionals for certain repairs, such as plumbing or electrical, and your landlord hires cheap, unlicensed contractors, you need to safeguard your rights. 

Sometimes your landlord may have knowledge of a pre-existing safety or health hazard at the rental property and may attempt to cover it up rather than have it fixed. For instance, the landlord may be aware of a lead paint hazard, but may avoid expensive remediation and instead cover it with decorative molding. This would be a violation of the law, and you should seek advice from an expert landlord-tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts. To play casino with free https://teyasilk.com/mgm-circus-circus-casino-hotel-las-vegas/ money, you often have to use a no deposit bonus code.

Talk to an Experienced Mediation Lawyer Today! Most gambling machines https://kellyrobbins.net/can-you-split-a-jack-and-queen-in-blackjack/ release free spins when appropriate matching symbols appear on reels.

If you believe your landlord may have breached the lease terms during Covid-19, you don’t have to suffer because of their unlawful actions. Talk to a mediation attorney who is an expert in this area of the law. Call Shapiro Mediation Services today at 617.765.1040 to book a free consultation or contact us online.

Marital Issues Because of Quarantine? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

Are you have a lot of marital Issues because of the quarantine and want a lawyer? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer. Learn more here.

The Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing quarantines, shelter in place, and lockdown order have not only had massive healthcare and economic impact but have also created some challenges in family and marital relationships. 

If you are facing issues related to divorce, child custody, or spousal support, you should consult with an experienced Massachusetts mediation lawyer to minimize your stress and obtain a satisfactory resolution without getting entangled in protracted litigation, particularly in these difficult times. 

Has Covid-19 Pushed Up Divorce Rates?

Although no scientific data or research study is available till now to show that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of divorce filings in Massachusetts, chances are that marital stress between some couples may be on the rise. Ever since the Covid-19 related lockdowns began, family courts have been working at a low capacity. 

Until now the courts were only taking up emergency hearings involving critical issues such as child abuse or domestic violence. But as the courts begin to function normally again and divorce matters are taken up, it will show how far the Covid-19 crisis has impacted marriages. 

In any case, some available reports (such as a detailed report in the New York Times) have shown that the incidence of domestic abuse is on the rise worldwide. Couples that are finding it tough to cope with the medical, economic, and emotional challenges created by the pandemic could end up damaging their marital relationships. 

If you are contemplating a divorce, it would be best in these complicated times to cut down the stress of litigation and choose the path of mediation for a swift and reasonable divorce agreement. Talk to a seasoned Massachusetts mediation lawyer about how they can help you within the given circumstances of your case. 

Psycho-Sociological Dimensions of Covid-19

Professional psychologists as well as marriage counselors are of the view that when the external conditions are stressful and worrisome, it can go either way for marriage. Some couples may come closer in a crisis, while some others may drift apart. If a couple was already going through a rocky marriage prior to the coronavirus crisis, the prevailing challenges may only accelerate their differences and lead them to the point of divorce. 

On the other hand, in cases where a husband and wife have been working hard to sustain a healthy marriage before the pandemic, the Covid-19 crisis may encourage them to discover more appreciation for their relationship and make them see the importance of companionship when the future is so unpredictable and scary. 

Challenges for Divorced Couples with Kids

Many divorced parents are seeking custody order modifications or having concerns about their visitation schedules and parenting plans, which have been disrupted because of the coronavirus risks. 

If you believe that the custodial parent has failed to comply with the court orders and denied you access to your child, or you believe that your child may be at the risk of virus exposure, neglect or abuse during the Covid-19 lockdowns you should consult with a Massachusetts mediation lawyer for an effective resolution to your concerns.

We are Here to Help!

At Shapiro Mediation Services, our legal team led by attorney Anna Shapiro, Esq., is here to address all your divorce-related concerns and help you find the right way forward. To schedule a free consultation with us, call us at 617.765.1040 or contact us online.

How To Best Prepare For Child Custody Mediation

One of the most emotionally exhausting issues in a divorce is child custody. Here is how to prepare yourself for child custody mediation.

One of the most emotionally exhausting issues in a divorce is child custody. Litigation should be your last option to settle this contentious issue because you will have no control over the proceedings of the courtroom, and the judge will decide the matter according to what the law says. 

Boston child custody mediation could be a much better alternative for you, provided you are well-prepared to obtain the best outcome through the mediation process. 

Prioritize Your Children’s Best Interests 

An experienced child custody mediator in Boston, MA will help you and the other parent recognize that what is in your child’s best interest may not necessarily be in either parent’s best interest. You should prepare yourself for giving up some of your personal wishes or goals for the sake of protecting your children. 

While divorce is bad enough for you and the other parent, it is worse for your children. Prior to mediation, you should be emotionally ready to accept the fact that your children might be much better off if they get to spend time with both parents after your divorce. 

List All Your Concerns on Paper 

Prior to your Boston child custody mediation, take some time to note down all the issues that you wish to discuss at this closed-door meeting. Think about what worries you about the prospect of your children spending time with the other parent, and how you want to resolve it. 

If you have some parenting suggestions in mind, write them down on a piece of paper. When all your thoughts are organized, you will be better prepared to cooperate and negotiate with the other parent.

Prepare a Sample Parenting Plan  

Before you enter into mediation, you should know what you are seeking. Are you in favor of shared custody, or do you want to ask for more custody? Prepare at least one or more sample parenting plans or custody agreements that specify the schedules of when your children will be with you or the co-parent. Account for your children’s study schedules, holidays, and any special needs of the child. 

This advance preparation will provide you a starting point for child custody negotiations with the other parent. An experienced child custody mediation attorney in Boston will facilitate the communication process, and ensure that your intent about the children’s best interests is properly understood by the other party. 

Collect Hard Facts and Evidence 

Does the idea of your kids spending a lot of time with the other parent bother you because of his or her irresponsible past behavior as a parent? Or, do you wish to ensure you have the custody of your children during weekdays because a frequent back and forth schedule might spoil their grades at school? 

Collect documents and list down facts that show you have been attending children’s school events, meeting the teachers, and are involved with their studies and extra-curricular activities. The more your arguments are fact-based, the more likely it is that the mediator will appreciate your claims and make the other party see the rationale behind your concerns. 

Consult with a Dedicated Boston Child Custody Mediator Today

Ready to bring your case to a proven and trusted mediation expert like Anna Shapiro, Esq.? Call Shapiro Mediation Services today at 617.765.1040 to schedule a free consultation with one of our mediators at our Massachusetts or South Florida office, or contact us online.

No Office, No Problem: Choose a Virtual Mediation Lawyer

Mediation processes normally take place in a physical setting. But with this current situation, a virtual mediation lawyer is much better. Learn more here.

The mediation process usually takes place in a physical setting behind closed doors, where the involved parties work to resolve their dispute with the assistance of a neutral Massachusetts mediation attorney. Pour https://asgg.fr/ cette raison, beaucoup de gens decident de se tourner vers les generiques. This process avoids the need for a decision to be imposed on the parties by an arbitrator or a court

While face-to-face mediations are the norm, the process does not have to be delayed during Covid-19 just because one or both parties may be unable to physically meet at a common location. Virtual mediation provides an equally effective platform to conduct the proceedings remotely and arrive at a settlement without any need to postpone the matter due to a lockdown. 

How can a Remote Mediation Lawyer Help? 

A Massachusetts mediation attorney with the technology and resources to conduct a confidential and efficient remote mediation proceeding can solve the issue. The attorney will set up a virtual meeting using any reliable video conferencing platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

They will guide the parties about how to participate in the meeting remotely from their own location using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. While the remote mediation lawyer may encourage the participants to use a video connection, it is also possible to mix video with teleconferencing, depending on the needs of an involved party.  

To initiate the virtual mediation proceedings, the Massachusetts mediation lawyer will first send an email to the involved parties providing a link to the online meeting. The parties are required simply to click on the link and follow the instructions on their screen in order to join the virtual mediation at the appointed date and time. 

The mediation lawyer or their team member may arrange a quick test meeting in advance with each of the parties to make sure that their technology is working and they are fully ready for the meeting. 

Virtual Mediation Process

Once the parties have joined in for the virtual mediation, the Massachusetts mediation attorney will bring together the parties and the other members of their own team in a remote ‘breakout room’. Secure, private conversations in this virtual room can take place between the participants via video or audio conferencing as well as chat messaging. 

Private discussions between the mediator and a party can be held as well as joint plenary sessions can be conducted where all participants are present. The mediator can create any number of virtual rooms during the proceedings depending on the situation. 

Steps after the Settlement is Reached 

When the parties to the dispute arrive at a settlement during a virtual mediation, the mediator will legally document the agreement. The drafts of this agreement will be shared with the parties via screen share or e-mail.

The parties will have a choice to sign the agreement and send it by courier or sign it electronically in order to remotely execute the settlement. The parties must maintain the confidentiality of the agreement, and the mediator should also ensure that cybersecurity protections are put in place before using a virtual platform for the proceedings. 

Speak to a Trusted Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer Today

Are you ready for a virtual mediation to resolve your dispute efficiently during Covid-19? Get in touch with Shapiro Mediation Services today to learn more about our remote mediation process. Call us today at 617.765.1040 for a free consultation or contact us online.

Covid-19 Lockdown: How You Can Still Get Essential Mediation Services

Lawyers have shut their offices due to the COVID-19 crisis. But we are here for you. Find out more about your remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts here.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to significant disruption in most businesses and services. Lawyers providing mediation services in Massachusetts have also had to shut their offices for months in compliance with the shelter in place and lockdown guidelines. 

Although now the economy is gradually reopening, it may still be difficult for many clients to visit physically for mediation services. In this situation, you should work with a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts, who has the capability to provide both in-person and virtual mediation services.

Time to Consider Remote Mediation Services

In the extraordinary Covid-19 times, the importance of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism has increased. A growing number of individuals and businesses now want to choose a more efficient and cost-effective way to resolve their disputes. With restricted access to courts and the typical time lags associated with litigation, it is prudent to choose a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts for a swift resolution under safe conditions. 

In remote mediation, the negotiations can be conducted through video conferencing or telephonic platforms. Through the creation of virtual meeting rooms, the mediator can continue to operate as an intermediary between the parties and engage as effectively as they would in a physical setting. The mediation documents, such as case statements and the mediation agreement can be exchanged via e-mail.

The parties to the dispute can discuss their issues privately as they would normally do in a physical mediation. The virtual meeting rooms can be created separately or jointly, depending on the need of the parties to communicate directly with each other. To maintain confidentiality, the mediator will ask the parties to ensure that the remote proceedings are not interrupted or overheard by anyone other than the parties themselves. 

Advantages of Remote Mediation

Working with a remote mediation lawyer in Massachusetts during the Covid-19 crisis offers several advantages to all parties to the dispute. At a time when most businesses are struggling due to the pandemic, achieving a swift and cost-effective resolution to a dispute in these circumstances could make the difference between survival and failure of a business. 

Reaching a settlement through remote mediation is likely to free up critical financial and administrative resources that are much-needed at the moment, or help to salvage a vital business or personal relationship. Another key advantage of a remote mediation is that it can be arranged faster for an early resolution. 

The virtual availability of people is usually higher. If multiple parties from distant locations are involved, they all do not have to travel physically, and can simply meet virtually and participate in the mediation proceedings. 

In addition, discussions held virtually often progress more swiftly because in a remote setting all parties typically spend lesser time in hard negotiating tactics and avoid getting entangled in issues of minor significance. Virtual mediation will usually move more directly to the real operative part of the settlement negotiations.

Work with a Resourceful Remote Mediation Lawyer in Massachusetts 

Shapiro Mediation Services, led by top legal expert Anna Shapiro, Esq. has been serving the communities across Massachusetts and South Florida. We continue to offer exceptional mediation services and support during the prevailing Covid-19 situation. To schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experienced mediators, call 617.765.1040 or contact us online.

Here’s How a Child Support Mediator Can Help With Child Support Mediation

Child support mediation provides parents a non-adversarial alternative to resolve contentious divorce issues related to supporting their child.

Child support mediation in Massachusetts provides parents a non-adversarial alternative to resolve contentious divorce issues related to supporting their child. Mediation process allows divorcing parents to put their child’s interests above their own, and focus on making meaningful contributions for their child’s upbringing according to their individual abilities. 

A Collaborative Process to Determine Child Support

When the child support decisions are left to the family court, the judge will consider numerous factors and arrive at a calculation based on law. The paying parent as well as the parent with the child’s primary custody is not likely to have any say in that process. 

On the other hand, when the parents choose to arrive at a mutually acceptable child support agreement with the help of a Massachusetts child support mediator, it is their own decision that they both can comfortably live with. With mediation, the process becomes collaborative with a focus on what is in the children’s best interests. 

Conflict and dissension between the child’s parents is minimized when issues such as child support are resolved through mediation rather than litigation. Both parents can achieve a sense of accomplishment and feel motivated to be actively involved in their child’s upbringing. 

Child Support Modification through Mediation

After the divorce is final, the need for child support modification in Massachusetts may arise at any stage. The income levels of the paying parent may change or the child’s needs or expenses may increase. Rather than making child support modification a contentious issue, the parents can open the door for mediation to address the matter in a private, confidential, and cooperative setting.

Mediation is Easier on the Kids

Any divorce, whether contested or uncontested, is going to be hard on your children. Resolving difficult aspects of the divorce, such as child custody and visitation or child support through litigation would only lead to more bitterness. More than you, it is your children who are likely to bear the maximum brunt of a prolonged legal conflict between their parents. 

With guidance and assistance from a seasoned child support mediator, it is possible to minimize the heartburn, cut down the time and costs involved in a resolution, and have a better control over the outcome. Child support mediation in Massachusetts will focus on the future issues rather than the past, and facilitate a voluntary agreement in a swift and affordable manner. 

Enabling the Parents to Maintain a Working Relationship

When children are involved in a divorce, chances are that you and the other parent will have to continue to cross your paths, whether you like it or not. Considering this reality, it makes little sense to burn all the bridges through an aggravated and litigious divorce proceeding. 

If you or the other parent insists on continuing with the blame game, it is your children who will suffer in the process. Therefore, the wisest step in these situations might be to work with an experienced Massachusetts child support mediator who can help you and the co-parent focus on what may be best for your children and maintain a dignified, working relationship with each other for their sake.

Schedule a Consultation with a Compassionate Child Support Mediator

Shapiro Mediation Services has made an impact in communities across Massachusetts and South Florida. The firm, led by experienced legal professional Anna Shapiro, Esq., also continues to provide high levels of service, excellence, and compassion no matter what the circumstance. Call 617.765.1040 to schedule a free consultation with one of our mediators at our Massachusetts or South Florida office, or contact us online.