How is a Mediator Selected?

how is a mediator selected

How is a Mediator Selected?

Not so long ago, there were few options to consider when trying to resolve a contract dispute or other legal disagreement. Forget about a duel or “making an offer you can’t refuse;” we’re talking about legal ways to resolve disputes. As far as legal solutions go, the only choice to choose from was usually “see you in court.” Thankfully, legal avenues to resolving disputes have expanded, and today many contracts now include the option of using mediation to solve many types of disputes. 

Working with Professional Mediators

Many parties involved in litigation are seeking a dispute resolution process that is less costly and time-consuming than the typical process, a formal procedure where the judge or a jury ultimately resolves issues in a dispute. Many of these parties are choosing mediation as their dispute resolution process of choice. By opting to go this route, the parties in dispute control the process of conflict resolution. Using professional mediators can produce an outcome agreed upon by both parties that is both less time consuming and less expensive than the traditional court-based process.  

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Subject Matter Expertise

Professional mediators are specially trained to assist people in discussing disagreements and helping them resolve those disagreements. Both parties benefit from the selection of an expert in this style of negotiation. Such subject matter expertise allows for discussion about alternative options and creative choices for settlement of the conflict. Mediators with subject matter expertise in the area of dispute can better respond to questions from all parties and better assist them in reaching a mutually agreed-upon resolution of all issues.

Special Knowledge Requirement

Skilled expert mediators seek to learn as much information as they can about the dispute at hand and the expectations of all parties involved. This insight allows the neutral party to apply their specialized knowledge to the conflict at hand and help the parties towards a mutually agreeable resolution. This process is both informal and confidential. 

The whole process remains private between the parties and the mediator, avoiding the numerous trips to the courtroom associated with the traditional dispute resolution process. Professional mediators are an active part of the negotiations between the parties, helping them reach common ground on what are often very complex issues. In the end, the mediation process produces an outcome upon which both parties have agreed. 

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Working with Mediation Lawyers 

If you are involved in a legal dispute and are seeking a quicker less expensive way to resolve the issues, consider mediation. The process is not just more efficient; it is also confidential. Shapiro Mediation can help.

We have professional mediators with subject matter expertise in all legal areas. Our mediation lawyer experts can assist you throughout the entire mediation process, from start to finish, concluding with an agreement agreed upon by both parties. Contact Shapiro Mediation today at (339) 298-7733 for a free consultation.