How To Best Prepare For Child Custody Mediation

One of the most emotionally exhausting issues in a divorce is child custody. Here is how to prepare yourself for child custody mediation.

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How To Best Prepare For Child Custody Mediation

One of the most emotionally exhausting issues in a divorce is child custody. Litigation should be your last option to settle this contentious issue because you will have no control over the proceedings of the courtroom, and the judge will decide the matter according to what the law says. 

Boston child custody mediation could be a much better alternative for you, provided you are well-prepared to obtain the best outcome through the mediation process. 

Prioritize Your Children’s Best Interests 

An experienced child custody mediator in Boston, MA will help you and the other parent recognize that what is in your child’s best interest may not necessarily be in either parent’s best interest. You should prepare yourself for giving up some of your personal wishes or goals for the sake of protecting your children. 

While divorce is bad enough for you and the other parent, it is worse for your children. Prior to mediation, you should be emotionally ready to accept the fact that your children might be much better off if they get to spend time with both parents after your divorce. 

List All Your Concerns on Paper 

Prior to your Boston child custody mediation, take some time to note down all the issues that you wish to discuss at this closed-door meeting. Think about what worries you about the prospect of your children spending time with the other parent, and how you want to resolve it. 

If you have some parenting suggestions in mind, write them down on a piece of paper. When all your thoughts are organized, you will be better prepared to cooperate and negotiate with the other parent.

Prepare a Sample Parenting Plan  

Before you enter into mediation, you should know what you are seeking. Are you in favor of shared custody, or do you want to ask for more custody? Prepare at least one or more sample parenting plans or custody agreements that specify the schedules of when your children will be with you or the co-parent. Account for your children’s study schedules, holidays, and any special needs of the child. 

This advance preparation will provide you a starting point for child custody negotiations with the other parent. An experienced child custody mediation attorney in Boston will facilitate the communication process, and ensure that your intent about the children’s best interests is properly understood by the other party. 

Collect Hard Facts and Evidence 

Does the idea of your kids spending a lot of time with the other parent bother you because of his or her irresponsible past behavior as a parent? Or, do you wish to ensure you have the custody of your children during weekdays because a frequent back and forth schedule might spoil their grades at school? 

Collect documents and list down facts that show you have been attending children’s school events, meeting the teachers, and are involved with their studies and extra-curricular activities. The more your arguments are fact-based, the more likely it is that the mediator will appreciate your claims and make the other party see the rationale behind your concerns. 

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