I Received an Unfavorable Paternity Result: Can a Boston Mediator Help Me?

A relationship between unmarried parents can create paternity issues if they decide to end the relationship. Here is what you need to know.

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I Received an Unfavorable Paternity Result: Can a Boston Mediator Help Me?

A relationship between unmarried parents can create paternity issues if at some point they decide to end the relationship. One of the most important legal issues that parents in this situation may confront in Massachusetts includes establishing who is the father of the child? Other issues may include child support payment calculations and visitation schedules.

A skilled Boston mediator can help you resolve contentious issues related to paternity through a collaborative mediation process. They can also help ensure that you and the other co-parent can arrive at an out-of-court agreement regarding child support, time-sharing, and other issues.

What Paternity Matters?

Boston mediatorWithout legally establishing paternity, a father will not have any rights to be involved in the child’s life. But if as the child’s father, you have failed to establish paternity or you are dissatisfied with the court’s order related to child support or visitation, you can seek a modification of the court order.

The best way to approach these situations would be to engage the services of a Boston mediation attorney who can help both parties reach mutually acceptable resolutions of paternity and related matters. Rather than entering into prolonged, stressful, and expensive litigation, mediating the paternity case is often beneficial for both sides.

Your Boston mediator can help ensure that you and the co-parent explore a solution to all contentious issues in a spirit of cooperation. They will help both parents recognize that their child’s best interests matter more than their own in this situation.  

How a Boston Mediation Attorney can Help?

A seasoned Boston mediator will encourage both parents to explain their respective positions in a clear, respectful, and rational manner. Although paternity issues can be fraught with emotion, the mediator will focus on providing creative solutions and options that may not be available in court.

In some cases, if the man acknowledges that he is not the child’s biological father but wishes to be a part of the child’s life, the mediator may present that view clearly before the child’s mother. With skillful negotiation, the co-parents may agree on the issue of paternity without requiring any confirmation of parentage through a DNA test.  

Boston mediatorOnce paternity has been established, a Boston mediation attorney can guide parents to discuss other critical matters that involve the child. These may include the goals of each parent regarding the child’s upbringing, the amount of child support payments that would suit both sides and would also conform to the law, and the amount of time that each parent would spend with the child.

Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage

A Boston mediator may be able to help resolve differences, and the unmarried co-parents may agree to who the father is. If this agreement is reached through mediation, paternity can be established easily. Both parties will have to sign a form in Massachusetts, which is called the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage. Through this method, the father’s rights and responsibilities as a legal father can be established, and also the child will receive rights.

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