Long Distance Divorce During Covid-19? Remote Mediation is The Answer

Due to the pandemic, long-distance divorces have become more challenging for many people. Here is how the remote mediation attorney can help.

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Long Distance Divorce During Covid-19? Remote Mediation is The Answer

In the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic conditions, long-distance divorces have become more challenging for many people. Virtual mediation sessions through video conferencing are a credible and effective answer to this problem, provided you are working with a skilled remote mediation attorney. 

Remote mediation for long-distance divorces is legally permitted and is providing substantial relief to people during the coronavirus crisis. It allows you to avoid all the logistical hurdles and exposure risks because you can participate in the mediation process from the safety and privacy of your home or office. 

Why Choose Video Conferencing for Remote Mediation?

Your remote mediation attorney will organize the virtual mediation session via video conferencing for the parties involved in a long-distance divorce. While these sessions may also be conducted through teleconferencing, but video technology is better because it allows both spouses and their attorneys along with the mediator to come face to face virtually as though they were all sitting together in a mediation room. 

Video conferencing also enables screen sharing, which means that your remote mediation attorney can present financial spreadsheets and other documents on everyone’s screen just the way it would happen in a physical mediation process. Compared to phone and email-based mediation, a video-based remote mediation is more immediate and interactive.

As long as you have an experienced remote mediation attorney by your side, you will be able to successfully address and negotiate all your divorce and family law issues in this long-distance setting. You will also have the option to take a break and walk away from the webcam or enter into a private discussion with your attorney or the mediator during the mediation process as needed.

Causing sessions during your virtual mediation process may be used less often because video-based conferencing allows one party to pause the call if a heated discussion has ensued and he or she requires a few minutes to regain composure. 

Videoconferencing Platforms have Made it Easier

Popular and reliable videoconferencing platforms such as Microsoft Team and Zoom are ideal for long-distance divorce mediations because they will let you create joint rooms as well as private “breakout rooms”. The virtual session can be conducted in a completely confidential and secure environment as the host will create a unique password that allows only authorized participants to enter. 

Each participant will be first moved to a “waiting room” until the host accepts them to enter the mediation session. This is done to make sure that random people do not gain access to mediation. High-quality video conferencing platforms arranged by your remote mediation attorney can ensure that communication takes place smoothly and effectively. 

Body language and facial expressions, which provide vital trust generating cues, are possible in a video-based remote mediation session, just as they are in physical interaction.

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