Marital Issues Because of Quarantine? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

Are you have a lot of marital Issues because of the quarantine and want a lawyer? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer. Learn more here.

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Marital Issues Because of Quarantine? Choose a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

The Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing quarantines, shelter in place, and lockdown order have not only had massive healthcare and economic impact but have also created some challenges in family and marital relationships. 

If you are facing issues related to divorce, child custody, or spousal support, you should consult with an experienced Massachusetts mediation lawyer to minimize your stress and obtain a satisfactory resolution without getting entangled in protracted litigation, particularly in these difficult times. 

Has Covid-19 Pushed Up Divorce Rates?

Although no scientific data or research study is available till now to show that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of divorce filings in Massachusetts, chances are that marital stress between some couples may be on the rise. Ever since the Covid-19 related lockdowns began, family courts have been working at a low capacity. 

Until now the courts were only taking up emergency hearings involving critical issues such as child abuse or domestic violence. But as the courts begin to function normally again and divorce matters are taken up, it will show how far the Covid-19 crisis has impacted marriages. 

In any case, some available reports (such as a detailed report in the New York Times) have shown that the incidence of domestic abuse is on the rise worldwide. Couples that are finding it tough to cope with the medical, economic, and emotional challenges created by the pandemic could end up damaging their marital relationships. 

If you are contemplating a divorce, it would be best in these complicated times to cut down the stress of litigation and choose the path of mediation for a swift and reasonable divorce agreement. Talk to a seasoned Massachusetts mediation lawyer about how they can help you within the given circumstances of your case. 

Psycho-Sociological Dimensions of Covid-19

Professional psychologists as well as marriage counselors are of the view that when the external conditions are stressful and worrisome, it can go either way for marriage. Some couples may come closer in a crisis, while some others may drift apart. If a couple was already going through a rocky marriage prior to the coronavirus crisis, the prevailing challenges may only accelerate their differences and lead them to the point of divorce. 

On the other hand, in cases where a husband and wife have been working hard to sustain a healthy marriage before the pandemic, the Covid-19 crisis may encourage them to discover more appreciation for their relationship and make them see the importance of companionship when the future is so unpredictable and scary. 

Challenges for Divorced Couples with Kids

Many divorced parents are seeking custody order modifications or having concerns about their visitation schedules and parenting plans, which have been disrupted because of the coronavirus risks. 

If you believe that the custodial parent has failed to comply with the court orders and denied you access to your child, or you believe that your child may be at the risk of virus exposure, neglect or abuse during the Covid-19 lockdowns you should consult with a Massachusetts mediation lawyer for an effective resolution to your concerns.

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