When conflicts arise between two parties, the judicial system increasingly turns to mediation outside the courtroom as the preferred method to find resolution through compromise. Mediation is noted for being a time-saving and cost-saving measure. These are just a couple of the reasons why it is such a compelling choice for so many people.

Shapiro Mediation specializes in four main types of mediation:


When employees and businesses are in dispute, no one wins. Employment differences cost corporations hundreds of millions of dollars across the United States each year. Some employment disputes can grind a business to a halt. For employers, it may mean slowing down production, or stopping your business from running efficiently. For employees, it may mean tolerating a problematic work environment or losing a job.

Mediation allows employers, employees, and companies to work through their differences in a more cost-effective and less formal setting. Mediation is especially useful in situations where two parties continue to have an ongoing relationship. Litigation between employees that still work together can quickly sour or strain the relationship, leading to a breakdown in both trust and communication.

With our extensive experience in all employment cases, we can help you resolve your case via mediation.


When conflicts arise in a separation or divorce, custody, child support, alimony, or other family law matters, the family court system increasingly turns to mediation outside the courtroom to seek resolution through compromise.  Mediation is a helpful way to reach agreements and find resolutions to complex, emotional and deeply personal issues related to divorce and other family law matters. Further, mediation will not only help you resolve your financial issues, but also any and all parenting plan issues so that you may do what is in the best interest of your children.

Shapiro Mediation offers a wide-ranging mediation service designed to help you overcome severe family and relationship issues and find a satisfactory compromise. Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of family law, and we, therefore, have the expertise to work with you to help resolve breakdowns in communication and find a solution to your complicated problems.


When companies are in dispute, litigation may seem like the only option for final resolution. Fortunately, mediation offers an avenue for compromise, which avoids the need for the courts or costly trials.

Mediation is a way a business can find resolutions to a conflict without the need for litigation. Mediation offers firms – particularly small-to-medium-sized companies – tremendous benefits versus litigation. Rather than battle it out in a courtroom setting, companies can come together and find resolutions.

Commercial disputes are at their core problems that need to be solved – not battled over in courts. An experienced business law mediator helps this process, by meeting with all parties, determining their fundamental interests and any roadblocks that exist, and overcoming these blocks through effective communication and finding common ground for compromise.


When it comes to settling civil disputes in an effective and timely manner, mediation is often the best solution. We offer our maid central cleaning business scheduling app for the requirements of cleaning company owners. Civil cases can be stress-inducing and contentious, but with Shapiro Mediation, we aim to lessen costs and emphasize expedient, positive outcomes for our clients. We know the importance of being more than problem-solvers—we offer compassionate and knowledgeable civil mediators who can adapt and overcome virtually any civil case.

Whether your dispute is related to bankruptcy, a breach of contract, or a landlord-tenant dispute, our team of experienced civil mediators has the necessary knowledge to settle civil disputes without the need for litigation. No matter the civil matter, rest assured Shapiro Mediation has the means to achieve the best outcome for you, in addition to ensuring an amicable resolution for all parties involved.

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