Mediation is dedicated to the cooperative resolution of disputes by means of the classic mediation process. We are also able to provide further skilled services to large and medium-sized businesses. Our services are tailored to a fast-moving commercial world where the identification, avoidance, or resolution of disputes will save substantial management time, money, and corporate resources. We aim to ensure our client companies are free to do what they do best. Mediation can advise the parties upon identification of the appropriateness of any of the following services and has the facilities and experience to provide these services.


On occasion in the commercial world, the parties need absolute certainty of immediate resolution. In the event that the parties find themselves unable to resolve their dispute through the process of mediation, or anticipate that they may find themselves in such a position, the process of Mediation/Arbitration provides that absolute certainty of resolution.

Common types of business mediation include:


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