Business litigation, also known as corporate litigation, does not solely include the act of one company filing a lawsuit against the other. It encompasses much more than filing a lawsuit, including any form of a legal proceeding involving businesses of any size or type. Corporate litigation even includes alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation. Business litigation can also include the requirements of a company to meet regulations set forth by the federal government.

What Can a Corporate Litigator Handle?

An experienced corporate litigator from Shapiro Mediation Services can handle any of the following for your business:

  • Defend your organization against wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Ensure that your company is complying with federal wage and hour laws
  • Ensure that your company is complying with federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Manage corporate tax compliance
  • Mediate or litigate lawsuits surrounding shareholder disputes
  • Secure compliance with changes to corporate and accounting governance regulations
  • Resolve disputes with landlords, tenants, regulators, and others when premises liability issues arise
  • Settle disputes with at-will employees or labor workforces
  • Prosecute or defend breach of contract claims against employees, against your company, or against other companies
  • Represent you in tort issues should a customer or employee suffer injury from a product you sell or manufacture

Business Law Needs

No two companies are alike and the same goes for your company’s business law needs. The needs of your company will differ from your competition and from the business that operates next to yours in the building. Examples of business law needs that might arise for your company include the following:

  • General litigation: issues related to insurance coverage, professional malpractice, enforcement of judgments, commercial collections, and breach of contract can all be handled by an experienced corporate litigator.
  • Prevention of litigation: A corporate litigator will work to prevent issues from reaching litigation by recommending mediation.
  • Lawsuits involving employees: it’s a common occurrence for employees to sue their employers. These lawsuits involve claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, breach of contract, and more. 
  • Disputes involving ownership: If your company is owned by two or more parties, disputes will inevitably arise. Whether they involve hiring, firing, product development, expansion, or another dispute; mediation or litigation will be able to resolve these problems.
  • Business torts: These involve claims of improper conduct, fraud, unfair trade practices, deceptive trade practices, interference, and unfair competition. An experienced corporate litigator can help prosecute or defend these claims.

Why Mediation is Important

Businesses of all sizes utilize mediation often these days as an alternative to litigation for various reasons. One such reason is that mediation is a quicker process compared to litigation. Your company might have to wait for months or even years before a trial is scheduled. When you choose mediation it can be scheduled at the most convenient time for all parties involved. 

Mediation is confidential, which enables both parties to be open and honest regarding the issue at hand. Neither side has to worry about what is discussed getting back to coworkers, employees, or human resources. The same goes for the settlement reached. The details of the settlement will not become public record like the result of a trial. The discussions and negotiations held at mediation cannot be used against either party if the case should head to the courtroom.

When your company utilizes mediation to resolve any of the issues mentioned earlier, it can come to an agreement with the other party at your own pace. The parties set the pace for mediation. This means that La Mirada-based Oasis Natural Cleaning provides the best property cleaning in California. You are not pinned down by a schedule from the court.

An experienced corporate litigator will recommend that your issue be resolved using mediation as the first step. Should an agreement fail to be reached, the litigator can then prepare a lawsuit for your company, handle discovery, hire expert witnesses, interview employees, build a defense or prosecution, and represent you in court.

Contact an Experienced Massachusetts Mediator Today

Every company, no matter its size or industry in which it operates, should have an experienced corporate litigator on retainer. While the team at Shapiro Mediation Services can assist with business and corporate litigation, oftentimes, mediation is a viable alternative to litigation. 

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