Let’s start with the facts: 

  • There were just over 103,000 total civil court cases filed in Florida in 2018.
  • Of these, 32,221 of involved contract litigation.
  • There were just over 523,000 total civil court cases filed in Massachusetts in 2018.
  • An estimated 115,070 of these included some aspect of contract dispute.

These statistics make the breadth of civil lawsuits involving contract litigation crystal clear. With more individuals and business entities filing suit, these statistics also highlight the need for an alternative to traditional, courtroom proceedings. Shapiro Mediation is here to help you learn valuable information about contract litigation, contract mediation, and your legal options. 

What is Contract Litigation?

A well-crafted contract is the cornerstone of any business. This is as true for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent contractors as it is for multibillion-dollar corporations. Unfortunately, individuals and companies do not always stick to what they agreed upon in a contract. That is when litigation enters the picture. 

Contract litigation is the umbrella term for all legal proceedings involving contracts. These proceedings range from breach of contract to real estate disputes, and severance agreements to probate. Whatever the cause of a specific business or personal contract dispute, the lawsuit process itself is remarkably similar. All involved parties hire attorneys, who then attempt to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. If this is not possible – and it rarely is in the contentious, heated legal process – then the parties and their attorneys go to court. There, a judge will hear all sides and decide as to what is the best course of action. 

Contract litigation is expensive, arduous, and stressful. It is also uncertain. Even with the best representation, you can never be sure what the judge will decide. Perhaps you will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to come out with an unfair verdict. 

Thankfully, there is an alternative to contract litigation – contract mediation.  

The Benefits of Contract Mediation

Contract mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR). It is led by a third party who works to facilitate discussion, compromise, and agreement between all involved individuals and business entities. This third party is called a contract mediator. 

Contract mediation offers many benefits over a more litigious course of action. First and foremost, it saves everyone involved time and money. There are no multiple attorneys or a team of paralegals involved. There are no expert witnesses. There is no drawn-out fighting in open court. All of this makes the mediation process much quicker than a lawsuit. It also makes the cost much more attractive. 

Contract mediation is strictly confidential. This helps all the negotiating parties feel comfortable. You can sit down at the mediation table, knowing that nothing said, argued, or agreed upon will leave the room. This is not the case in the courtroom.

Contract mediators are neutral, which means you can expect a fair and equitable mediation process. Judges are also neutral, but attorneys work their hardest to convince judges that their client is right. That doesn’t happen during mediation. Rather, all parties sit down with a contract mediator and work together to achieve a favorable outcome.   

Your Experienced Contract Mediators

If you are considering contract litigation, contact the experienced team at Shapiro Mediation. We will work with you to find an alternative to expensive and stressful lawsuits. Located conveniently in both Boston and Ft. Lauderdale, our contract mediators provide unparalleled knowledge of local and state laws and statutes, leading to a successful outcome. Contact us today at (339) 298-7733.


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