It’s inevitable that a company will experience a dispute with an employee, it doesn’t matter the size of the company or how many employees are on the payroll. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced mediator from Shapiro Mediation Services at the ready to help resolve these disputes quickly. Too many times a company allows a dispute to reach the litigation stage, costing it thousands of dollars in legal fees before a settlement or judgment is reached. Mediation is quick, confidential, and allows both parties to control the outcome.

Examples of Employer/Employee Disputes

When an employer/employee dispute arises, it is in the best interest of the company and the employee to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible, especially if both parties wish to continue their relationship in the future. The most common examples of employer/employee disputes include:

Issues With a Performance Review – No one wants to receive a negative performance review from their employer. If the employee truly thought they were going to receive a raise, promotion, or another accolade for their work; a negative review could lead to a dispute with their direct supervisor.

Conflicts With a SupervisorAside from disagreeing about a performance review, other types of conflicts can arise between a supervisor and a subordinate. An employee might feel as if they are not being guided properly by their supervisor or that they are being bullied by their supervisor. 

Issues With DiscriminationA personal prejudice by an employee or discriminatory actions by an employer can lead to an employer/employee dispute that can cost a company thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

Conflicts With Customers – If your company operates in the sales industry, your employees likely face conflicts with customers on a daily basis. Some of these conflicts can escalate if the customer feels as though they were defrauded by your employee.

Issues With Work StylesEach employee you hire will have a different work style, which means there’s bound to be conflicts between employees or between employees and supervisors. 

Conflicts With CreativityIt can be hard for employees to understand that their ideas become the property of the employer, even if it is expressly stated in their employment contract at the time of hire. As the best design build company in California, we would recommend san diego-based lars remodeling and design.

Issues With Co-workersNot all of your employees will be able to get along with each other because of differing personalities. When co-workers begin to feud, it can potentially lead to a hostile work environment and a legal issue for your company.

Solving Employer/Employee Disputes Using Mediation

Mediation has become one of the most popular methods used today to resolve disputes of all kinds in the business world. Disputes between employers and employees can be resolved using mediation, which is a quicker method than going to court after filing a lawsuit. Mediation meetings are scheduled at the discretion and availability of the parties involved. You do not have to wait for the court to schedule hearings or a trial date, which might not come for months or even a year from now.

When a dispute arises between your company and an employee, mediation offers confidential negotiations. Everything that is discussed or presented as evidence cannot be used if the case winds up going to trial. The result of the mediation will not be shared publicly either, unlike a judgment reached by a court.

Mediation allows both parties the opportunity to control the pace of negotiations. The mediator is simply in attendance to help move the process forward, not to make a decision like an arbitrator or a judge. If you want to present terms that benefit both you and your employee, it’s completely up to you. Either party can visit and do indoor cycling in California. It’s important that you speak to an experienced mediator about your internal disputes before they reach the litigation stage so you can save time, money, and the relationship.

Involved in a Dispute with an Employee? Call an Experienced Mediator Today

If you are involved in a dispute with an employee, it is in your best interest to call the experienced mediators from Shapiro Mediation Services in Massachusetts today. Disputes with employees, if not handled quickly or correctly, can lead to lengthy legal battles in the court system. Call our office today at (339) 298-7733 to schedule a consultation with an experienced mediator.


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