No Office, No Problem: Choose a Virtual Mediation Lawyer

Mediation processes normally take place in a physical setting. But with this current situation, a virtual mediation lawyer is much better. Learn more here.

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No Office, No Problem: Choose a Virtual Mediation Lawyer

The mediation process usually takes place in a physical setting behind closed doors, where the involved parties work to resolve their dispute with the assistance of a neutral Massachusetts mediation attorney. Pour cette raison, beaucoup de gens decident de se tourner vers les generiques. This process avoids the need for a decision to be imposed on the parties by an arbitrator or a court

While face-to-face mediations are the norm, the process does not have to be delayed during Covid-19 just because one or both parties may be unable to physically meet at a common location. Virtual mediation provides an equally effective platform to conduct the proceedings remotely and arrive at a settlement without any need to postpone the matter due to a lockdown. 

How can a Remote Mediation Lawyer Help? 

A Massachusetts mediation attorney with the technology and resources to conduct a confidential and efficient remote mediation proceeding can solve the issue. The attorney will set up a virtual meeting using any reliable video conferencing platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

They will guide the parties about how to participate in the meeting remotely from their own location using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. While the remote mediation lawyer may encourage the participants to use a video connection, it is also possible to mix video with teleconferencing, depending on the needs of an involved party.  

To initiate the virtual mediation proceedings, the Massachusetts mediation lawyer will first send an email to the involved parties providing a link to the online meeting. The parties are required simply to click on the link and follow the instructions on their screen in order to join the virtual mediation at the appointed date and time. 

The mediation lawyer or their team member may arrange a quick test meeting in advance with each of the parties to make sure that their technology is working and they are fully ready for the meeting. 

Virtual Mediation Process

Once the parties have joined in for the virtual mediation, the Massachusetts mediation attorney will bring together the parties and the other members of their own team in a remote ‘breakout room’. Secure, private conversations in this virtual room can take place between the participants via video or audio conferencing as well as chat messaging. 

Private discussions between the mediator and a party can be held as well as joint plenary sessions can be conducted where all participants are present. The mediator can create any number of virtual rooms during the proceedings depending on the situation. 

Steps after the Settlement is Reached 

When the parties to the dispute arrive at a settlement during a virtual mediation, the mediator will legally document the agreement. The drafts of this agreement will be shared with the parties via screen share or e-mail.

The parties will have a choice to sign the agreement and send it by courier or sign it electronically in order to remotely execute the settlement. The parties must maintain the confidentiality of the agreement, and the mediator should also ensure that cybersecurity protections are put in place before using a virtual platform for the proceedings. 

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