Paternity Dispute? Here’s Why You Need a Massachusetts Paternity Mediator

If paternity issues in a divorce are likely to affect the post-divorce parenting plan, it makes sense to consider a paternity mediator. Here’s why.

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Paternity Dispute? Here’s Why You Need a Massachusetts Paternity Mediator

Paternity laws in Massachusetts are integral to several aspects of family law, including child custody, visitation rights, child support and involvement in key decisions related to the raising of a child. 

If paternity issues in a divorce are likely to affect the post-divorce parenting plan that enables both parents to be actively engaged with the child’s life, it makes sense to consider paternity mediation.

During the paternity mediation process in Massachusetts, it is possible to discuss and resolve various parental rights and responsibilities without having to rely on a court ruling on these sensitive issues.  

Paternity Issues Addressed Through Mediation

When a couple with children seeks a divorce in Massachusetts, or when a child is born to unmarried parents, the family law inherently vests certain rights and responsibilities in each parent. No matter whether only one or both parents want to actively co-parent the child, issues such as child custody, visitation, support, education, and medical care will still need to be resolved.

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Sometimes paternity may be contested by an individual who is not the child’s biological father and he may still have to pay for child support even if it is determined that he is not the biological father. This can happen because of: 

  • The presumption that the married father is the father 
  • The father does not have adequate evidence to refute this presumption
  • Certain laws that impose a time limit on a father to contest paternity

It is possible to take up and resolve all these issues in a private and confidential setting with the assistance of a paternity mediator in Massachusetts. 

The mediator can help ensure that both parents are in agreement with regard to their parenting rights and responsibilities. If the paternity of the child is in question, the paternity mediator can also help resolve which parent should pay for the costs of a paternity test.  

Why Choose a Paternity Mediator?

An experienced Massachusetts paternity mediator can help foster cooperation between both parties for the sake of the child’s future. A paternity resolution through mediation will be less time consuming, more affordable, and most importantly, encourage better compliance in the long run because it is a collaborative effort and not adversarial.

A skilled paternity mediator can ensure that both parents obtain the answers they are seeking while they work towards an agreement that is their own as well as the child’s best interests. Both parents can get actively involved in deciding the future course of parenting for their child, rather than following a judge’s mandate who does not have a personal stake in this situation.

Mediation is Non-Adversarial

Paternity mediation in Massachusetts is a collaborative, non-adversarial process.

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 It does not require you to agree on all paternity related issues you may have, and it is all right if you don’t. The mediator will simply facilitate the process to move forward if you and the other party are willing to be flexible and wish to move towards an arrangement that suits all parties involved.

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