Prepare for a Successful Mediation by Following These Simple Steps

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Prepare for a Successful Mediation by Following These Simple Steps

Preparation is key to a successful mediation. Simply walking into the room and expecting to come out successful will only hinder your chances. When you find out that your issue will be headed for mediation, whether it is your divorce or a contract dispute at work, you need to prepare for what you will face. Even though mediation is a quicker process compared to litigation, it can still take a decent amount of time to complete, especially if one or both parties come unprepared.

Send Mediation Brief to Mediator Ahead of Time

One of the best mediation tactics is to send a mediation brief to the mediator ahead of time. Even though the mediator will not make a decision regarding the case, he or she should be informed as to what it involves prior to sitting down in the room and meeting the involved parties. The mediator should be given ample time to absorb the information that will be discussed in the mediation.

Confirm Existing Offers

If your situation has reached mediation there have likely been offers made by either side that have yet to be accepted and are still on the table. If you are looking at how to have a successful mediation, you need to make sure your attorney confirms with the opposing counsel that there is an existing offer on the table. This can be done by having your attorney send a confirmation letter to the opposing counsel.

Will Everyone be in Attendance?

This seems like a question that shouldn’t have to be asked but it does. It is expected that the person with settlement authority in the case will be in attendance at mediation. The Australian government may still have a strict stance on online gambling, but its laws target only operators, not AUS players. If that person is not going to attend mediation, the plaintiff’s attorney should be notified ahead of time. When one party is unexpectedly absent from mediation, it can cause a lot of problems.

Get Ready for Breaks

If the mediation involves multiple parties, at least three, you need to get ready for breaks. Bring snacks, something to read, and keep your mind busy. You might be waiting to go back into the room for a couple of hours. Do not let yourself get tired because it can affect your judgment.

Expect the Unexpected

When looking to secure successful mediation cases, other successful mediation techniques include expecting the unexpected. At any point during the case, something unexpected can arise. This includes new information, new ideas, new settlement offers, and much more. Unexpected delays in the case could also occur based on various problems from either party involved. If you are prepared for any possible situation, it is less likely that you’ll be caught off-guard by even the most “unlikely” of outcomes.

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It is never easy going through a divorce or dealing with a contract dispute. Thankfully, there are methods available to resolve these issues when they arise. Share on Facebook Tweet this Story. One such method is mediation. If you are going to mediation, make sure you arrive prepared so there is no delay in resolving the issue. Call Shapiro Mediation Services today at (339) 298-7733 or complete our online contact form to get connected with an experienced mediator.