Resolve Your Business Bankruptcy With a Bankruptcy Mediator

business bankruptcy mediator

Resolve Your Business Bankruptcy With a Bankruptcy Mediator

Bankruptcy mediation is the most effective way to resolve a variety of disputes, such as preference and avoidance actions, complex multi-party negotiations for Chapter 11 reorganization plans, claim objections, objections related to discharge of other adversary proceedings, and various other contested matters. 

Choosing a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Mediator

Choosing a business bankruptcy mediator in Massachusetts is the most important first step when you wish to resolve a bankruptcy dispute out of court. An experienced mediator will be able to mitigate the emotionally charged environment and reduce the brinkmanship that usually marks bankruptcy negotiation issues. 

The mediator will make every effort to ensure that the parties starting focusing on the practical and real problems at hand, and make them see the risks and costs involved in complicated and protracted trials and appeals. 

Addressing Differences to Reach a Compromise

Creditors are usually angry in bankruptcy cases and are not likely to trust the debtor. Similarly, the debtor may be equally skeptical of the creditors’ intent to reorganize the debt. A skilled Massachusetts bankruptcy mediator can help in pulling together the parties to express their views and differences as well as assist the clients and their lawyers in arriving at a compromise on the conflicting claims and objections.

Meeting Informally and Without Prejudice

Bankruptcy mediation provides the parties to the dispute an opportunity to meet informally and without prejudice in order to explore solutions and conclude the case. Through a series of structured mediation sessions, the parties to the bankruptcy dispute can typically save a substantial amount of expense, time, and energy.

Each party gets the chance to assess the costs and alternatives to a mediated settlement and will be more willing to find ways to eliminate the hurdles to a settlement. Sometimes, even though the entire business bankruptcy case may not be resolved, experience shows that a majority of contested issues will be resolved, while the scope for trial becomes narrowed with only a limited number of issues.

Other Advantages of Bankruptcy Mediation

When you work with a capable business bankruptcy mediator, it increases your chances of quickly resolving the dispute by a significant factor. You and the other parties have better control over the outcome of the dispute. In case you fail to arrive at a settlement, even then the effort that goes into participating and preparing for bankruptcy mediation will be well spent. 

The process itself will be a worthwhile exercise to help you formulate your presentation for the trial. Finally, the top reason behind the growing popularity of bankruptcy mediation is that it works in a majority of cases, and both parties are satisfied with a win-win resolution to the bankruptcy dispute. 

Courts Encourage Bankruptcy Mediation

Over the last two decades, business bankruptcy filings in the US have gone up dramatically. As a result, bankruptcy litigation has shot up and the courts are increasingly burdened with a wide range of bankruptcy cases. This situation has led bankruptcy courts to encourage the mediation process in order to better manage their caseload. 

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