Solve Shareholder Disputes With Business Mediation in Massachusetts

Disputes Business mediation can help avoid even the most contentious shareholder disputes which could damage the company’s reputation.

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Solve Shareholder Disputes With Business Mediation in Massachusetts

When there is a serious disagreement between the shareholders and management about the functioning of the company, shareholder disputes may occur. Disputes may also manifest themselves regarding conflicts of interest, dividend distribution, voting rights, breach of contract of a director’s service, or complaints related to potential fraud or illegality by one or more of the board members. 

Shareholder disputes can quickly escalate if the parties do not seek early advice about their legal rights or fail to recognize the importance of business mediation to resolve the dispute before the situation goes out of hand. 

Why Choose Business Mediation in Massachusetts?

Business mediation in Massachusetts could be an ideal way to resolve shareholder disputes, and more so when the involved parties are likely to continue working together in future because of common stakes. 

An expert business mediator can facilitate a process whereby the parties to the conflict can negotiate and discuss a resolution in a private and confidential setting without having to resort to a protracted and public legal recourse of litigation. 

When you work with a shareholder disputes attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in mediation, they will have the skills to help the disputing shareholders and the management to come to a compromise. They will make you and the other parties aware of your shareholder rights and responsibilities, and encourage you to arrive at a collaborative outcome that is reasonable and fair to everyone involved.  

Resolving Shareholder Disputes through Mediation

When a dedicated shareholder disputes attorney in Massachusetts guides the process of mediation, they will aim to preserve cordial relationships between the parties as far as possible, while encouraging the parties to focus on a practical compromise rather than maintain a standoff on their strict legal rights. 

It is almost never in the larger interests of a business to get embroiled in aggravated and time-consuming litigation over shareholder disputes. Negotiating a solution through business mediation in Massachusetts will prove to be quicker, less costly, and encourage better compliance from all parties. 

A business mediator with experience in resolving shareholder disputes can advise you on the commercial, legal and practical context of the matter and help you formulate realistic expectations from the outcome in the given circumstances. 

The ideal solution reached through mediation may allow the aggrieved shareholders to stay with the company. However, if it is no longer a possible option, the stake of the aggrieved shareholder can be bought back by other shareholders or the company at an agreed price. 

Advantages of Mediation in Shareholder Disputes

Business mediation in Massachusetts can help avoid even the most contentious shareholder disputes from escalating further, which could damage the company’s reputation and hurt the interests of all stakeholders. The mediation process will be conducted in an environment of privacy and with no prejudice. 

Shareholder disputes brought to mediation in Massachusetts are often resolved, and the rate of success is higher than what most disputing parties may believe. There have been cases where shareholders and management have been stuck in fractious deadlocked arguments for months, and resolution occurred within a day or two of mediation. 

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