Were You Wrongfully Evicted Due to Covid-19? A Landlord Tenant Mediation Lawyer Can Help

If you have been wrongfully evicted from your rental due to COVID-19, a landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts can help you. Learn more here!

landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts

Were You Wrongfully Evicted Due to Covid-19? A Landlord Tenant Mediation Lawyer Can Help

The economic hardships resulting from the coronavirus crisis have created a conflict between many tenants and landlords. If you are a tenant you may be unable to pay your rent for now if you have lost your job or your business has shutdown. But that does not mean that your landlord can evict you from your residence without following the due process of law.

If you been wrongfully evicted or your landlord has wrongfully asked you to evict the premises, you may be able to resolve the dispute with the help of a knowledgeable landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts. Through mediation, you can arrive at a reasonable settlement without having to go to trial.

With a successful settlement, you may continue to reside at your rental unit until the termination of your agreement, while your landlord may receive a reasonable plan from you for reduced rent rates or staggered payment of arrears.

Disagreements can be Resolved Quickly

In many cases, the landlord-tenant disagreements arising out of the Covid-19 crisis may be resolved in just one mediation session lasting a few hours. The disagreements in the present crisis are typically occurring due to a lack of understanding of each other’s position. The landlord needs to know that as a tenant, you don’t have an intention to avoid rental payments, but only you need to renegotiate the terms due to difficult financial circumstances.

You may have a disagreement with your landlord over non-payment of arrears, unreasonable rent increase, low-quality repairs and maintenance by the landlord, or violation of any other terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Your landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts can explain your position to your landlord as well as understand the views of the other side in order to propose a fair middle path.

Eviction Cases are Best Resolved through Mediation

When you choose mediation in an eviction case as a tenant or a landlord, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. A competent mediation lawyer will protect you as a tenant from getting an eviction judgment on your record. From the landlord’s perspective, they cannot evict you so easily and will have to obtain an eviction order from the court.

Eviction litigation can be complicated. Both sides need to follow the legal procedure and know the rules of evidence. But with mediation, the rules of evidence and other various other stringent legal requirements will not tie you down. The mediation process is designed in a way that you can also discuss issues that are not strictly related to law but deal with your personal feelings about the dispute.

This type of less rigid process facilitates both sides to reach a position of compromise. The discussions take place in a relatively informal setting, and both sides can air their grievances and even talk about their emotional distress freely. This often allows the tenant as well as the landlord to cool off and paves the way for a mediated settlement.

For these reasons, you should have a landlord tenant mediation attorney in Massachusetts who can enable dispute resolution without having to fight it out in the courtroom.

Protect Your Tenant Rights through Mediation

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